“Break Check” mission in Warzone 2 Season 2 DMZ update poses significant challenge for gamers

Warzone 2 Season 2 for DMZ received a significant number of new objectives, one of which may require a great deal of patience and perseverance. The DMZ community received a substantial amount of new content with the release of the Warzone 2 Season 2 update. Activision altered the gameplay by increasing the difficulty of the AI, which included increasing the number of enemies that spawned and the precision of the AI from a greater distance. The seasonal update also consists of the playable map of Ashika Island and the introduction of a new Faction.

A progress wipe, resetting of mission progress, smuggled weapon inventories, and key caches are all included in the second season. After finding out that insured weapon slots will continue to be unlocked, DMZ gamers, who initially opposed the idea, eventually came to support it.

It was planned that the new DMZ missions would take advantage of all three exclusion zones. The unfortunate reality is that one task that included Ashika Island and Al Mazrah has caused quite a few problems for the residents of those areas.

DMZ task in Season 2 astounds Warzone 2 YouTubers

YouTubers Stodeh and Westie, who play Warzone 2, tried to finish the new Season 2 DMZ missions together. DMZ is made for 22 teams of three, but the two can handle missions even when one is missing.

However, they encountered numerous difficulties while attempting to finish the new White Lotus mission called “Brake Check.” Finding the crash site near Zaya Observatory on Al Mazrah is the first task of the mission.

Gamers are tasked with retrieving the Ashika Security Hard drive from the area surrounding the derelict vehicle outside the Observatory. Due to the objective’s novelty, many teams will attempt to fulfill it simultaneously. Stodeh and Westie successfully eliminated a team who had been working very hard for them when confronted by numerous other groups attempting to stop them. The hard drive was then removed from the computer. Stodeh made this observation after he had removed the hard drive: “This is truly an extremely difficult mission.”

The hard drive is subsequently transported to Ashika Island by the squads, where they leave it at the Deaddrop, located within the underground caves. If you die, you have to start over at Al Mazrah, which adds an extra difficulty to the game. Even though the two YouTubers could do the task on their first try, there is no denying how challenging it was.

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