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Best Online Poker Casinos in Canada 2024

Brett Chatz
Sportsbook & Casino Expert

Online poker is fast becoming a huge form of entertainment for many Canadians. With the increase in popularity, a lot of poker sites are now competing for your attention.

In this guide, both experienced and new players will learn about our top choice in poker online casinos, why we choose them and what they can offer.

  • Learn about the best 5 poker sites you can use.
  • Understand the pros and cons of when you play poker for free or with real chips.
  • Find out the top 10 crucial poker hands.
  • Learn the rules of poker and how to play it.
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Top Choice Of The Best Online Casinos With Poker In Canada 2024

Slotimo Logo
300% up to C$1,500 Welcome Bonus
Skycrown Logo
C$3,000 + 350 FS Welcome Package
Thrillsy Logo
300% up to C$1,500 + 20 FS
Playzilla Logo
100% up to $1,500 + 500 FS
Select.Bet Logo
100% up to C$300 Welcome Bonus
Betonic Logo
300% up to C$1,500 +20 FS
Bingo Bonga Logo
Daily Cashback up to 20%
HotBet Logo
100% up to 200€ Welcome Bonus
IceCasino Logo
Up to C$1,500 + 270 Free Spins
Spin City Logo
$2,500 Bonus + 500 Free Spins
Boomerang Logo
100% up to $500 + 200 Free Spins
GGBet Logo
Up to $2,000 + 500 Free Spins
BetiBet Logo
Daily Cashback up to 20%
N1 Casino Logo
Up to C$6,000 + 200 Free Spins
Slothunter Logo
Up to C$2,000 + 200 Free Spins
Winawin Logo
Up to $6,375 + 1800 Free Spins
Bankonbet Logo
100% up to $750 + 200 Free Spins
SpinsBro Logo
350% up to $3,200 + 650 FS

Categorizing The Top Video Poker Online Casinos In Canada2024

Below is our expert’s curation of the highest rated online casinos that offer poker in Canada and their best features.

Betonic🥇 Number One In Providing Poker Software
Bingo Bonga👑 Loyalty Program For All Poker Players
HotBet🃏 Massive Poker Games Selection
Boomerang💳 Wide Range Of Payment Methods
Winawin🤑 Betting Limits of Poker is the Highest
Thrillsy🤗 Most User-Friendly Poker Site

Top 5 Online Poker Casinos In Canada 2024

Even though our top listed poker casinos are good, some of them are exceptional. Here are our expert mini reviews of the best five offshore casinos that you can trust to play poker.

Betonic: Number One In Providing Poker Software 

Betonic CA Homepage Desktop
  • This casino takes our top spot for poker as it has an excellent choice of software service providers.
  • It has a huge variety of poker games in its casino.
  • You can use both your desktop and mobile devices to play poker.
  • There are poker games available like high stakes poker tournament, Caribbean stud, live poker tournament and the oasis poker.
  • They have a VIP program for loyal poker players.
  • Betonic gives a welcome bonus of 100% equal to $200 when you deposit.
Betonic Logo
300% up to C$1,500 +20 FS

Bingo Bonga: Loyalty Program For Their Players

Bingo Bonga Homepage
  • Bingo Bonga has a lovely, original design with bright colours that make it unique.
  • It is fully optimised for all devices and it’s also available on Android and Apple devices.
  • Your first poker deposit gets you 20% cashback on your daily losses.
  • Choose from Double bonus, 10s or Better, Deuces Wilds or All American for your online poker here.
  • It has a loyalty VIP program for all players available in Bingo Bonga which makes this casino different and unique from others.
  • Massive collection of poker games from many providers.
Bingo Bonga Logo
Daily Cashback up to 20%

Hotbet: Massive Selection Of Poker Games

HotBet CA Homepage
  • HotBet offers a great welcome bonus up to $300.
  • Over 70 online poker game providers.
  • Option to pay in cryptocurrencies or fiat currency.
  • You can sort the games in alphabetical order, by providers or by most popular.
  • Good RTP range with hefty winning potential.
  • Live poker tournament, free poker online, Jacks or Better, low stakes poker tournament, Deuces Wild are some of the poker games available.
HotBet Logo
100% up to 200€ Welcome Bonus

Boomerang: Wide Range Of Payment Methods

Boomerang Homepage
  • Boomerang is a top casino for playing online poker in Canada because of its clean and easy site navigation.
  • It offers various payment methods like bank transfer, Astropay and crypto.
  • It also offers a wide variety of poker and live dealer games.
  • They have games from 75 providers like Amatic, BGaming, and BTG.
  • This casino gives free spins or deposit bonus matches to their new sign-ups. 
  • Boomerang gives you a deposit match of 100 percent up to $750 + 200 free spins.
Boomerang Logo
100% up to $500 + 200 Free Spins

Thrillsy: Most User-Friendly Poker Site

Thrillsy CA Homepage
  • Thrillsy has an online casino with a large selection of poker games available for Canadian players. 
  • They offer up to $300, a welcome bonus of 100% and 20 Free Spins.
  • Their site is easy to navigate with quick to all poker games.
  • They have a friendly customer support team at Thrillsy and they are ever ready to answer all your questions.
  • There is a huge choice of poker games like Aces and Faces, Caribbean Beach and Oasis Poker.
  • They have over 60 gaming software suppliers like Play’N Go, Pragmatic Play, and Red Tiger.
Thrillsy Logo
300% up to C$1,500 + 20 FS

Best Poker Variants In Online Casinos

online live dealer casino

Variants of online poker are the separate ways you can combine and play online poker games. You can get this by combining casino poker games and cash games and mixing different forms to add more excitement to your game. Here is a rundown of the well known poker variations available.

Texas Hold ’em

This is the most popular poker game globally and it is quite easy to learn. There is a saying that it’s an accessible variant to learn but hard to master. People love Texas Hold’em because it’s not difficult to learn, it’s action-packed, and you can play it with or without the internet.

Some people may think this game is volatile and its level is higher than other lesser-known games, but it is still a good starting point for many players. The aim is to persuade the other player that you are the best five-card poker hand. 


Omaha Hold’em is another name for this variant which is highly favoured by players from Europe and those who enjoy high-stakes plays because of its tons of action. Instead of playing with 5 cards as in Texas Hold’em, in this poker game, you are dealt with 4 cards.

Also called Omaha High, you have four-hole cards here and must use 2 and 3 community cards. This helps you make the best five-card poker hand. There can be a no-limit Omaha and also a pot-limit Omaha.

Draw Poker

The Draw poker is also known as Five-card Draw. It was the dominant game in the poker betting world till Texas Hold’em came on board and became the prevalent game. How to play a 5-card draw depends on what you or your friends prefer.

You can use the antes or the blinds to play the game. It is usually played with 6 people where you can establish your blinds or antes, deal 5 cards to each player and then bet. If you have the best hand or everyone folds, then you have won the pot.

7-Card Stud

7-card stud is an original poker game which is named after the game as each gamer begins with 7 cards. A standard deck comprises of 52 cards, therefore this game can’t take in more than 8 players. Every player posts an ante bet that will be between 10% to 25% of the limit of betting and the game begins. Any player that has the lowest face-up card will engage the bring-in bet. 

5-Card Stud

Another poker stud game available to players is the five-card stud. Most poker stud games use a structure of bring-in and antes and the same is applicable to this variant. It’s played in the same way as the seven-card stud; however, the players here are given 5 cards in place of seven.

To play this game, post the antes first; each player is given two cards, with one face upwards and the other face down. The next card facing up is called the door card; a player with the lowest-ranked door card will post the bring-in. 

3-Card Poker

This game is another popular variation of poker games available. It is fun and easy to learn which makes it a favourite of many players. Playing this game is like having two Las Vegas casino games in one. You play against the dealer in this game and can also win based on how good your cards are. The main objective of this game is to get the best possible poker hand with only 3 cards. 

Caribbean Stud

David Sklansky, a renowned author claims to be the person who created Caribbean Stud poker back in the eighties but it is unclear who exactly created it. In terms of skill and strategy, the Caribbean stud poker game is simple to learn and easily played. It variant doesn’t require much thinking or effort yet it still maintains all the fundamentals of a basic poker making it a favourite of many players. 

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow is a Chinese game played about with some dominoes, and that is where this poker game derived its nomenclature. This slow game makes it preferred for gamers who love a more enjoyable game. It’s a game of six players on one pai gow table.

The main objective of the pai gow poker is this: a player’s two-card and five-card hand should be of higher rank than the dealer’s hands. This game has 53 cards, including a Joker, used to complete any straight or flush.

Mixed Games

After you’ve tried playing other variations of poker, then you should try multi-game poker or mixed poker games. This challenging game gives lots of excitement and fun to players. Many varieties of poker are combined in this game.

It can be as low as two games or as many as 10 games combined. HORSE is a mixed game made of seven-card stud eight, Omaha, RZZ, seven-card stud and Hold’em. Other mixed games are Ha, Hoe, and Eight-Game.

The Pros Of Online Poker Against Classical Poker

The game that is played live in global casinos is commonly known as classical poker. Even though many gamers have moved to play poker online these days, some players still love traditional classic poker.

They say classical poker is derived from psychology, which notices the humans behind the poker game. Despite all this, moving online has made poker more popular and has helped many players showcase their skills in a more significant setting. Below are some of the pros and cons of playing poker online. 

Benefits Of Online Poker

  • A broad range of games is available.
  • Play from the comfort of your home offering convenience.
  • Play with any digital device for free.
  • Easier to learn since it moves at a steadier pace.
  • More heavier contradictions in playing poker online.

Demerits Of Playing Poker Online

  • Older players may find online technology daunting.
  • You miss the camaraderie of friends.
  • You can’t observe the body language of your opponents.

Criteria To Find The Best Online Poker Casino Where You Can Play With Real Money

One reason you are reading this guide is likely because you are looking for the best online casino to enjoy the game of poker. To enjoy your online casino poker game, you must play the game at a reputable casino. Below we have outlined the criteria you need to check when you choose a casino to play online poker.

  1. Game Developers and Poker Variations

    Choose a casino with a variety of plays and differentiable variants of poker. This would enable you to have fun as there are loads of entertaining bouts to play. If they have game developers, it means that they’ll keep developing latest variations of poker games.

  2. Freeroll Tournaments, Good Poker Bonus

    Poker bonuses in addition to freeroll tournaments enables you to have some money to enjoy the game. Going through this guide, you will see casinos that offer many bonuses like sign-up bonuses, free roll, spin-offs, etc. That is the sort of casino you should choose to maximise your earning.

  3. Fair Bonus Terms

    A factor you should consider is whether the casino gives bonus terms that are fair. Some deceptive sites have shady terms and conditions before you get their bonuses. So try to read the fine lines properly so you will notice if they have fair terms on their bonuses. 

  4. Customer Support

    Poor customer service is a red flag to look out for when choosing a poker casino. Read reviews from other players and try to reach out to them yourself to see how well they respond to queries. Fast and efficient resolution of issues endears players to a site.

  5. Live Dealer Poker

    An essential factor you should consider in choosing a casino for online poker is checking if there is a live dealer available. A live poker dealer engages with the players, maintains a high professional standard, entertains the players and ensures equity always.

  6. Payment Methods

    Another important factor you can check is the payment options available. Without a good and seamless payment plan, you cannot deposit or even withdraw your winnings. It is very essential for you to choose a poker casino that has a great selection of payment options.

  7. Licence & Security

    Check the security and licence of the site you want to use before you start. Many poker sites are licensed through European countries and so they offer legal security for the players. You can use any of the sites mentioned here as they are licensed to work in Canada.

  8. Mobile Games Enabled

    Another great factor to check in an online casino poker is if they provide mobile support for your poker game. When players can access their poker games on their phones and tablets, it makes it easy for them to play. So check for a casino that has iOS and Android apps that way you can easily play at your convenience. 

Registering At A Good Casino To Play Online Poker 

To play an online poker game at a casino, you need to follow specific steps. Here is the complete procedure to open an account on a casino site. We’ll be using one of our recommended sites, Slotimo to show you. 

Step 1: Set Up An Account On The Site

Slotimo CA Registration 2 Desktop

The first thing is to create an account by registering on your chosen site. Navigate to and touch the blue button ‘Register Now’, and input your personal information in the enrollment box. Now, click the checkbox to agree to the site’s Terms, then ‘Create Account’.

Step 2: Add Your Money

Slotimo CA Deposit 1 Desktop

After creating your account, you can’t start playing and enjoying the game until you put down some money. To do this, navigate to the website and click on ‘My account’, move to the menu that drops down in the light-blue bar at the top and click ‘deposit’. Now you can add your money.

Step 3: Trigger The Bonus

Slotimo Visa Deposit

The Slotimo starting bonus is given to all the new members as soon as they finish the registration procedure. Add the code as you add your first money on the site to activate it.

Step 4: Now Play The Game

Slotimo Poker

After going through the above steps you are ready to play. Now move to the website, navigate to the live lobby, then click on the search bar and type in the game of poker of your choosing and play.

Slotimo Logo
300% up to C$1,500 Welcome Bonus

Rules Of Poker And How To Play 

Poker is a multinational game of cards played against other players, intending to get the most substantial table hand at the table. In this game, the players sometimes use a standard 52 cards pack with one or two jokers added. To start, a player bets that his card has more value than those in the other players’ hands.

Generally, each player tries to equal or increase the bet or drop out. Finally, any gamer with the most prominent betting hand wins the pot. To start the game, cards are placed in the centre of the table so all players can use them. Players are given their cards as the game progresses. They also get extra cards during the game. Then the players place bets on whether they think their hand will be better in rounds. 

Example of A Poker Game Round

Here is an example of how to play a simple poker game.  We’ll use the Texas Hold ‘em (No-Limit) to demonstrate how to play this game

  • Each player gets two cards (hole cards) face down and starts a game. Every player then has to bet, raise, call or fold, when it is their turn. 
  • Using an instance of a $1/$2 game, let’s agree that you are the pioneer player after the big blind. You place a bet of $2 and either fold, call or raise it.
  • Let’s say you increase to $5 holding A-K, the other gamers fold around to the gamer in the big blind, the gamer then puts the additional $3 to call.
  • The flop became A-5-6. The gamer in the big blind plays first and can bet or check. The player checks and you place a $10 bet with the top pair.
  • It continues and your opponent calculates, then calls when you bet $100. Time to show cards. 
  • You have 2 pairs which are  A-K-6 + A-K and they make your ideal five-card hand, and you win.
  • Your opponent places A-K-6 + A-Q and loses. 

Top 10 Crucial Poker Hands

Royal FlushStraight from 10 to an ace, and all 5 cards of the are of the same kind. Although in poker, the pots are divided between two strong hands and rank doesn’t matter. 
Four of a KindHere you have 4 cards of the same suit, called 4 kind hands. Say there are two players and the 2 of you divvy up that same four of a kind, and the fifth card decides the person that wins the pot.
Straight FlushThis hand is described as my straight with all five cards of the same suit.
Full HouseIf you have any 3 cards of similar suit together with any 2 cards of the similar rank. An example is when you have “Aces full of Kings” which is a bigger full house than “Kings full of Aces”. 
StraightA hand of 5 successive cards of different ranks. In this  place the ace is called either a high or low card.
FlushIf you have 5 cards of the similar suit but not sequential and the highest of those 5 makes out the flush rank.
Two pairAny two cards of the same rank gives a two pair. Examples are when 2 Aces and 2 Kings are complete with any other card, it’s the deal two-pair. The highest of the two gives out the two pairs rank.
High cardIn this case, there is a hand that is not one of the above mentioned hands.
One pairThis is gotten if there are 2 cards of the same suit. For instance, 2 Aces, a Queen, a King and another card.
Three of a KindThree of a kind comes out when you have 3 cards of same suit. For instance, if there is a three-of-a-kind in aces, a queen, a King as side cards, it’s an ideal of this hand.

Poker Payouts and Odds

Anyone that has ever played the game of poker must have wondered about poker payouts and odds, and about how the Return To Percentage (RTP) works. As a poker player, you must have pondered these questions and often wondered whether or not the poker game is rigged. It is a logical question because the money you worked hard for is at stake, and you will not like to be cheated.

Even though we’ve heard the phrase “the house always wins”, it’s not always so. The casino usually follows the regulations, so it can’t be manipulated to favour anyone. 

Online Poker Bonus

One of the exciting things about online poker is the bonuses you can get from the game. Every player desires bonuses while playing games as it saves them some extra money, ultimately boosting their bank. Online bonuses from poker are money given by poker websites to entice you to enjoy the game in their casino. Different types are available, depending on the online casino you are visiting. 

The most common one is called a sign-up bonus or welcome bonus, and it differs depending on the betting site you are using. You can also be given bonuses if you perform certain activities as an existing user. Some bonuses you can get from online poker include welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses, free poker bonuses, free roll poker tickers and reload bonuses

Is Online Poker Famous?

A sought-after card game available to international players all over the world is poker. The internet popularised it, making the game accessible to millions of fans everywhere. The easy access to online poker brought more fun and entertainment to gambling. Playing poker online is still growing in leaps and bounds due to various factors.

In addition, poker games allow you to earn extra money from the comfort of your home. All you need is some good skills, discipline and determination. Also, playing the game with others gives you a thrill you cannot find elsewhere as you compete with people from other countries and continents.

Another reason that adds to the popularity of poker is how easy it is to understand because you can train for free on your mobile devices. You can start a poker game online at a renowned casino in little time. Lastly, you won’t  get tired when playing because of its many formats and poker variants. 

Is Online Poker Legalized In Canada?

Although gambling is regulated on a provincial basis in this country, the government generally took a ‘hands-off’ approach to online poker. The Canadian government does not prohibit gambling, yet some provinces have stricter regulations about it.

For example, Ontario province recently started regulating its market. So check out the laws in your province before you choose a platform and start playing. Check the operator’s licence before you start playing online poker.

Alternatively, you can choose from the casino houses we promoted here. They are supervised by other gaming systems like MGA, Curacao and Panama, which are based offshore.

Strategies And Tips For Success In Online Poker

Do you want to beat every opponent you are playing in the game of poker? Do you want to win the pot when you play? Then you need to have some strategies that you can use to win since you are in charge of your success. Here are the five major tips that’ll aid you make a killing in online poker. 

  • Kill distraction: The internet gives you access to play poker at home but it also brings up many other distractions. To avoid this, have proper preparation before you start your game. This will help you deal with distractions from family or social media.
  • Play for free: Playing for free is an awesome strategy that will help to get better at poker. The more you challenge yourself, the better you will be. And that is what happens when you constantly practise your poker game for free. 
  • Master Bluffing: For you to win in poker, you need to learn and master the art of bluffing. You have to let your opponent feel that you have a better hand at every point in the game. It is important that you understand this, though it can be quite tricky.
  • Use software to your advantage: The internet came to make our lives easier and faster so use it to your benefit. Learn how the online casino works, practise and get perfect with using all the available software and tools. After registering on a site, go through and learn what each tab or link does. This will aid your winning during a real game. 
  • Learn more about poker: Get familiar with the software and the hardware, the moves and the hands. If you want to win at poker, you have to know all these and you cannot do this at the world competition. So play often so you can be familiar with winning.

Playing Online Poker For Free Or Play With Real Money 

Do you enjoy playing online poker with cash or play chips? Playing poker for free is when you play the game with fake money while playing for real cash is when you bet your hard earned cash to play the game.

Everyone has their preference on what to play, and both sides are valid. If you want to familiarise yourself with the functionalities and technicalities of how to play poker, it’s good to start with virtual play, where you don’t spend any money. But it would help if you didn’t spend days and weeks doing this. To play poker well and get good at it, you need to do it with real players and real money. Here are some pros and cons of playing for free or with money. 

Here are some of the merits and demerits of playing poker for free:

Advantages Of Free Play Poker

  • It sharpens your game learning skills
  • It assists your maths skills to improve
  • You don’t lose any money 

Disadvantages Of Free Play Poker

  • You can’t adequately measure the risks when playing for free.
  • You don’t master poker by playing with no motivation.
  • It is too slow as everyone is relaxed while playing.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages you gain while playing poker with real money.

Pros Of Playing Real Money Poker

  • Develop your judgement skills.
  • Activates your spirit of competition.
  • Master the management of money so you will not go bankrupt.
  • You wont win all the time so you learn to deal with loss both in games and in life.
  • Learn how to wait for the right hand to play.

Cons Of Playing Real Money Poker

  • You may become addicted and spend an unnecessary amount of time playing.
  • You may lose loads of money if you bet a big amount of money and lose. 

Online Poker Games On Your Mobile

Play your favourite game of poker right on your mobile phone or tablet. Even though the poker website may be a better way to enjoy your poker game, playing it with the device in your palm is pleasurable. 

Download from the Google Store or iOS App Store. Create your account, deposit your money and start. Many poker variants like Seven-Card, Hold’em, PLO, Razz, Hi-Lo and Horse are available in mobile versions, while formats like Fast Fold Poker and S&Gs Zoom are poker apps. 

To Conclude: Poker Gives You Lots Of Opportunity To Win Big Chances 

Poker is not just an entertaining game, and you also learn some life-changing skills like how to deal with loss, how to manage your money, how to have patience, how to control your emotions and the ability to judge appropriately.

This guide has provided all the tips and strategies you need to significantly improve your chances of winning at poker. Want a place to start now, our recommended choice is Slotimo. Use their generous welcome bonus to get started today.

Slotimo Logo
300% up to C$1,500 Welcome Bonus

FAQs: Best Poker Online Casinos In Canada 2024

Can I play Poker for free or with real money?

Yes, there are a variety of poker sites online where you can register and play for real money. Check the site’s reputation before playing.

Where can I play poker?

Though it is more popular to play online you can also play offline in a casino. You can play the game with mobile apps from any poker site.

Can I play Poker for free?

Yes, you can play poker without money. This allows you to get a feel of the game before depositing some money, reducing the risk of financial loss.

Are online poker games legal in Canada?

The authorities doesn’t prohibit the game but many sites available to Canadians are regulated offshore. In this country, gambling is monitored by provincies basis, so check with your province before you start.

Is there a special online poker bonus?

There isn’t an online poker special bonus for players. There are bonuses you can get while playing poker online like welcome bonuses, no-deposit bonuses and reload bonuses.