Pokémon GO Testing New Raid Feature: ‘Ready to Raid’ Button for Faster Countdowns

Niantic has revealed that it is developing a new Pokemon Raid feature that would enable players to go right to a 10-second Raid countdown. This functionality will apply to both Remote Raids and regular Raids. Even now, seven years after the game’s initial release, gamers still request that the developers include minor improvements to the game’s overall quality of life.

Players have shown interest in having several content upgrades included in the game, including animation skips, bulk gift mailing capabilities, and detailed damage analyses. However, Niantic has revealed that it is trying a new quality-of-life update to reduce the time shown on Raid countdown clocks. For now, this update is only being tested in certain regions.

Niantic has hinted at a countdown feature for Pokemon Go Raids

The announcement was made public via the Niantic Support Twitter account: “We’re testing a ‘Ready to Raid’ button in the London, Osaka City, and Suita City areas.” Trainers who take part in Raids in specific locations during the test time can immediately hit a button above their Raid Party to advance to a countdown for the next 10 seconds. This information was provided via a tweet. In addition, Niantic has verified that this functionality will be compatible with Remote Raids. In the end, the developer included a video demonstrating how the newly added function might be used. A ‘Ready’ button does appear above the Raid party at the exact moment when the first 110-second timer starts to count down.

As soon as the button is touched, a confirmation notice that says, “When all Trainers are ready, the lobby timer will count down from 10 seconds” shows on the screen. You still have the option to leave before the Raid starts. It would seem that every trainer who intends to participate in the Raid needs to hit the “Ready” button before the lobby counter is cleared. It shouldn’t be a problem considering that this is a feature that many different trainers look forward to having.

Trainers in London, Osaka, and Suita City may enjoy checking out this new function and going into Raids faster. It is unknown when this quality-of-life feature will find its way into the entire video game, but they can enjoy trying out this new feature for now.

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