Warzone 2 Season 2 Update: One-Shot Headshot Sniping is Back with a Catch

After the update for Season 2, one-shot headshot sniping is available again in Warzone 2. But this time it comes with a catch. A modest adjustment was made to Warzone 2’s meta. Although the RPK and Fennec have finally been given balance changes. The player opinion is that the overpowering LMG is still the most effective weapon on Al Mazrah and Ashika Island. The Signal 50 was severely nerfed even though sniper rifles have not yet established themselves as a dominant force in the battle royale’s metagame.

The fact that sniper rifles no longer guarantee instant death with a headshot makes it difficult for them to compete with other long-range options. No sniper in the battle royale’s sequel has even come close to recreating the success of the Kar98k, and AX-50. Which all shone as top-tier weaponry in the first installment of the series. Anything might be different when Season 2 begins. Incendiary Ammo makes sniper guns capable of one-shot headshot kills. Even though this was not explicitly mentioned in the patch notes.

During the second season of Warzone 2, snipers will be given a hidden bonus

It was revealed by FaZe Testy that snipers can now kill with a single shot if they use incendiary ammunition. The bullet type has a significant drawback: it lowers damage range, bullet velocity, and penetration. This prevents the class from being too powerful than it should be.

Testy also confirmed that snipers had the same limited killing range as they did in Warzone 1. It means they could only kill with one shot inside a particular field. The news was met with various responses from the Warzone 2 community members. The YouTuber JGOD advised his viewers not to get their expectations up, saying they should “have fun” until the developers solve the issue or confirm that everything is functioning as intended.

Warzone Loadout, a source of information for Call of Duty statistics, provided the following response: “If it’s a feature, it’s an innovative way to approach it. Incendiary and only effective within a specific range, with low bullet velocity and considerable drop. The idea is interesting to me, but they could have elaborated on it more.

The MCPR should be avoided since the only feasible options are the Victus and the SP-X, according to the comments posted on YouTube by TheTacticalBrit. A few players suggested that the LA-B, which fires Incendiary Ammo, is another viable choice. After we have determined the precise range at which players can execute a one-shot headshot kill with a single shot and the optimal sniper loadout for Season 2, we will release an update.

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