The Destiny 2 New Light Experience: A Controversial Free-to-Play Model Dividing Players and Frustrating Veterans

New Light users who have never participated in the activity before can now enjoy a free-to-play model in Destiny 2. Conversely, gamers believe this method could be better and spoil the adventure for newbies and seasoned gamers.

Because Destiny 2 is such a vast game, it can be difficult for novice players to understand the basics without some assistance from more experienced players. Players believe that the current state of New Light is so deplorable that even seasoned players will have difficulty describing the ins and outs of the game to novices. Aside from that, they believe that the game needs to adequately explain the core concepts of Destiny 2, such as the weapons, armor, and end game. Last but not least, they believe the economy needs to be improved because a New Light player can’t pay the required amount of Glimmer to unlock a whole sub-class.

Players of Destiny 2 feel that it takes more work to suggest the game to their friends

A member of the Reddit community brought up the issue of New Light’s current situation. He stated that it was frustrating for him when he was assisting his friend in completing the New Light tasks. Consequently, the player asserted, “The New Light Experience is not only terrible and not well thought out, but it actively ruins the experience for Veteran players.”

In response, one of the players remarked, “Still bothers me how out of place the current cosmodrome is,” as they continued talking about the New Light experience. Another player said, “This is why I can’t recommend Destiny to some of my friends,” indicating they do not believe this game welcomes new players. Another player recalled the events surrounding Shroud and claimed that “He could not use any of his subclasses properly cause of the literal incompetence of Bungie with 25k glimmer.” This player was referring to the problem that players were having when it came to unlocking subclasses. Last but not least, a gamer said, “Doing new light is abysmally boring,” as they reflected on their time spent playing New Light.

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