League of Legends’ Ranked Mode to See Significant LP Adjustments in Patch 13.4

Players will gain (and lose) significantly more LP every game in League of Legends ranked mode starting with patch 13.4, according to Riot developers. In League of Legends, ranking up is frequently called a grind. Even if a person isn’t losing any games. It can still take a while to win enough games to increase in rank.

For instance, if ranked games last 30 minutes on average (without factoring in the queue and draft delays). Winning seven straight matches and accumulating 15 LP would need roughly 4 hours. When you include losses, wait times, skipped games, remade games, and promo series, ranking becomes a significant time commitment.

Riot alters the amount of LP you gain and lose in ranked with patch 13.4. This implies that both ranking up and being demoted will happen considerably faster. More than ever, your rated games will be necessary.

LP adjustments will be made in League of Legends patch 13.4

League of Legends requires a vast knowledge investment to become good. Therefore, just starting the game takes a lot of time. Yet, the number of games needed to rank up and move up the ladder for the average player merely increases the time commitment.

Hence, LP gains and losses will be altered in the upcoming patch to make that grind less frightening. These changes may result in strong players needing one or two fewer games in each division to move up the rankings, depending on the circumstances.

By winning as many games as they lose, players in the thread vented their aggravation at being locked at a given rank. While these modifications won’t solve that issue, rewarding players for brief winning streaks may help some gamers escape their cardstock situation. Yet, some top-tier players have expressed concern about the impact on the Challenger ladder. Caedrel observed that this might be problematic for a tiny proportion of high-level players at the top of the ladder.

He anticipates that Challenger players will reach 3k LP, which may cause significant problems with how LP is determined for players at max rank. The majority of players will find this to be a positive change. But for a small number of people, this might pose serious problems.

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