Pokemon Go Player Encounters Rare Shiny Aerodactyl, But Runs Out of Poke Balls at the Worst Moment

One Pokemon Go player came across a rare Aerodactyl in the wild, but they were out of Poke Balls and unable to capture it. In Pokemon Go, encounters with Shiny Pokemon are uncommon. However, those who have the good fortune to come across a Shiny at any point in time must make the most of the situation and attempt to capture it. Shiny Pokémon are extremely rare.

One of the Go trainers had the good fortune to come upon a Shiny Aerodactyl form while exploring. However, just one issue made it highly challenging for that gamer to add Aerodactyl to their collection.

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The trainer of Pokemon Go stumbles into Aerodactyl at the worst possible moment

A gamer who goes by the handle ‘ShimmerJimmer’ submitted a screenshot of a wild Shiny Aerodactyl that they’d come across on Reddit. The Pokémon was found in its natural habitat. On the other hand, the trainer did not have any Poke Balls to use in his attempt to capture the Aerodactyl. In response, several gamers of Pokemon Go provided the trainer with suggestions for what they should do. One person said, “Gotta quickly open a gift and hope for the best.” Other Pokemon players have suggested that the trainer light a Daily Adventure Incense. Reportedly, lighting the incense with less than 30 balls yields an additional 30 balls as a reward after the incense burns.

As a result of the presence of a low battery icon at the top of the screenshot, a couple of the other trainers made light of the situation by joking that the original poster should charge their device before it died. The Pokemon Go Adventure Week 2023 event has begun, and players trying to catch an Aerodactyl for themselves can now participate. During the one-of-a-kind event, Trainers will get the opportunity to come face-to-face with Aerodactyl and other Fossil Pokemon from the franchise. In other developments, Niantic has announced the beginning of the Pokemon Go City Safari event, which is scheduled for later this year.

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