Destiny 2 PvE Snipers: Underperforming and Waiting for a Comeback in Season 23 or Beyond

Speaking about the situation of snipers in Destiny 2 PvE, a Bungie developer acknowledged that they are “underperforming.” Still, it said that Season 22 wouldn’t see a buff to sniper rifles due to one primary concern. Snipers have almost always made excellent PvP choices; this meta is no exception. Beloved, Adored, and notably Cloudstrike have established themselves as some of the Crucible’s most potent weapons.

However, long-range firearms haven’t been able to have the same effect in PvE. Most snipers don’t get much use because of their low damage, increased flinch, and high base zoom, except for notables like Izanagi’s Burden and Whisper of the Worm. Many Destiny 2 gamers have been wondering why snipers haven’t gotten a bump, given how rarely they are used, and now a Bungie developer has explained why.

Sniper improvements for Destiny 2 won’t arrive until after Season 22

On the July 28 episode of the Destiny Massive Breakdowns podcast, Mercules—Bungie’s associate weapons designer—took the mic. The developer discussed several subjects on Episode 302 of the venerable podcast, including the Double Special meta, the perfect PvP timing to kill, and the state of snipers in PvE.

Merculus acknowledged that snipers aren’t in the best position while talking about the latter subject: “It’s safe to assume that snipers aren’t doing as well as they could. There is a reason why we haven’t moved snipers up very quickly. The developer said, “You have a weapon class with functionally unlimited range, and the second snipers become the best at something. It invalidates a lot of other things.”

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“Even after the most recent 10% damage buff, I think sniper are still underperforming a little bit,” Mercules said in anticipation of a prospective sniper buff. Therefore, we’ll give them another go. We have yet to plan for Season 22, but I anticipate we will in a later season. It sounds like sniper weapons will be improved either in Season 23 or a later season, though the Bungie developer wouldn’t go so far as to confirm anything. Even though it won’t happen soon, Destiny 2 might eventually witness the return of a sniper meta. Check out Playfino if you want casino games.

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