Optimizing Warzone 2: The Ultimate Configuration Settings for Ashika Island

As part of the Season 2 update for Warzone 2, a new map called Resurgence was introduced, and the LA Guerrillas divulged the optimal settings to take control of Ashika Island. Players of Warzone 2 are given a new setting to investigate in the form of Ashika Island, which offers a different experience compared to Al Mazrah. The island takes its cues from Japanese culture, emphasizing fast-paced gameplay and close-quarters combat.

In contrast, the expansive desert geography of Al Mazrah lends itself particularly well to the use of long-range weapons and strategic positioning. According to the research that JGOD conducted, the map Al Mazrah in Call of Duty: Black Ops Rift is the second largest, and the map Ashika Island is the second smallest. It would help if you had a solid grasp of the many configuration options available for each game style.

The most optimal Warzone 2 configurations for Ashika Island

To get things rolling, players need to go into the controller settings and, under the advanced heading, switch the slide/dive behavior to the inverted location. By altering this setting, players can sprint, dive, and repeat, which is analogous to how to slide canceling functioned in the first version of Warzone.

Next, the Los Angeles Guerrillas said that you should adjust the volume level on your personal computer if you have trouble hearing footfall. We have a detailed walkthrough available for you to follow to activate the functionality in either Modern Warfare 2 or Warzone 2.

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Console gamers have the ability to change their audio mix to amplify the sounds that are most significant to them. The following are the suggested musical selections.

  • Master volume: 100
  • Music: 0
  • Dialogue: 30
  • Effects: 100
  • Hit Marker: 20
  • Voice Chat: 80

Season 2 did away with the ability to loot with backpacks and brought back the explosive mechanism from Warzone 1. When you defeat an adversary or open a chest, it releases all the loot in the chest onto the ground below. You can loot items more quickly by pushing a button rather than holding them down if you go into the advanced controller options and change the interact/reload priority to favor interact.

In addition, the Los Angeles Guerrillas suggest altering the shape of the mini-map into a square to provide players with additional information. Last but not least, these are the recommended settings for the graphics.

  • Field of View: 120
  • ADS FOV: Affected
  • Weapon FOV: Wide
  • Camera Movement: Least (50%)

Give these configurations a shot for yourself the next time you and your teammates load into a Resurgence match and see how they work for you.

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