Ludwig Criticizes Valorant Esports CEO Over Frustrating Ascension System in 2023 Challengers Season

Following player criticism of the 2023 Challengers season, Ludwig has criticized the Head of Valorant Esports amid several promised Tier 2 modifications. Midway through July, VCT Ascension for all three regions came to a close, and it saw Bleed, The Guard, and Gentle Mates all earn spots in their respective VCT Leagues for the following two seasons. 

Nevertheless, despite this victory, many organizations and teams from all three regions that took part in the competition intending to “Ascend” have now dropped their rosters for the duration of Tier 2’s protracted offseason. Due to problems brought on by the prolonged offseason and the lack of sufficient incentives for teams to engage in the Challengers scene, the bold Head of Esports, Leo Faria, made pledges of reforms to ease concerns. He has now drawn mistakes for these suggested changes from people like VCT players, coaches, and even Ludwig.

Ludwig criticizes Valorant Esports’ CEO for the “frustrating” Ascension system

Faria was criticized by Ludwig, a prominent streamer and co-owner of Moist Esports and Moist Moguls in the NA Challengers circuit, for some of the problems the course had particularly its promotion mechanism and joining a new casino platform, Playfino, which is famous in the Philippines. Ludwig questioned, “Can we fix relegation after The Guard proved Tier 2 is better than many Tier 1 teams?” in response to Faria’s tweet.

This tweet referred to The Guard being demoted to Challengers after two seasons in VCT Americas, something many players have criticized. Players’ unhappiness with Faria’s tweet in response to Ludwig’s description of the Ascension slots as “guest slots” was evident. Call them guest slots, visiting slots, Ascension slots, or non-partnered slots—it doesn’t matter—teams qualified for a two-year term at overseas leagues, according to Faria. Additionally, it does not diminish them. 

Ludwig, in response, said, “I’ve been pushing for relegation for VCT esports teams or creating expansion teams to add true value to Ascension teams.” Ludwig, however, was not persuaded by Faria’s justification.  It will be absurd when The Guard defeats VCT teams, and they are obliged to descend because Cinderella’s clock has struck midnight, said Ludwig. “That makes the whole situation more frustrating, especially with Tier 2’s lengthy off-season.” Moist Moguls narrowly missed out on Ascension qualification by one series after losing to The Guard in the NA Challengers playoffs and taking third place. The team can find solace in the knowledge that they have qualified for the NA Challengers in 2019. 

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