Overwatch 2’s Mischief & Magic: Blizzard Disables Rogues’ Ability to Kill Hunters in Prop Hunt Mode

In the mode of the game similar to a prop hunt, known as Mischief & Magic. Blizzard has eliminated the ability for rogues to kill hunters. The extracurricular activities in Overwatch 2 have sometimes had a better track record of performance. Even if there are fans of Lucio Ball, there are still a lot of arcade modes that still need to meet gamers’ expectations. 

This has yet to be the case with the prop hunt mode known as Mischief & Magic inside the game. It has been an enormous success, and many gamers are holding out hope that it will not just remain available but also get additional maps and an extension of the concept. It has given rise to many humorous videos that can be seen online. These clips range from gamers disguising themselves as moving items to creative hiding places. However, the ones in which groups of props collaborated against helpless. Oblivious hunters to murder them were maybe the most terrifying of all of them. It was entertaining, but it went against the grain of what the prop search was supposed to be about. The Blizzard team stepped in at this point to end the slaughter of hunters.

Blizzard has taken measures to prevent hunters from being killed by props

Following deploying a patch for the mode, Blizzard has turned off Kiriko’s melee attack. Jared Neuss, the Executive Producer of Overwatch 2, turned to Twitter to announce the changes to the props. It was reported that “We just recently released a hotfix for Mischief & Magic to prevent Rogues from eliminating Knights.”In addition, he admitted that he had mixed feelings about the modification, noting that “while I, Jared, am saddened by this hotfix, I can begrudgingly admit that it’s the right thing to do for the mode right now.” It’s time to put aside my kunai and brush up on my sneaking abilities.

It is unfortunate but understandable that hunters will no longer be able to eliminate other players by combining their props. Players may be disappointed that they no longer have access to the melee ability, but this change brings the game closer to the spirit of the original prop hunt modes. 

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