Faker’s Arm Injury: Updates on T1 Star’s Recuperation and Potential LCK Return

Lee’  Faker’ Sang-hook, a T1 star, is still out due to an arm injury. Here is everything we know about the mid-laner’s recovery and potential LCK return. After suffering a right arm injury, Faker is taking a vacation from competition. He first experienced discomfort in the LCK match against BRION on June 17. He continued to play despite pain for the following two weeks until he disclosed the whole nature of the issue and how it affected his performance on July 2.

To everyone’s astonishment, T1 has become disorganized since Faker left the squad. T1 has not been their usual selves since Challengers mid-laner Yoon’  Poby’ Seong-won took over, demonstrating how vital Faker is to this team tactically and mechanically. On July 8, when Bae’ Bengi’ Seong-woong resigned as head coach, things got more challenging for T1. Since Kim’ kkOma’ Jeong-Hyun left the organization at the end of 2019, Im ‘Tom’ Jae-Hyeon has served as the team’s interim head coach.  Here is what we currently know about Faker’s recovery and when he might return to the Rift, as T1 supporters hope he will soon make a comeback.

When will Faker make a full recovery from his arm injury?

The earliest feasible date for Faker’s return is July 21, according to Bengi’s prediction that he will miss at least two weeks of action. Faker is still concentrating on his recovery. It has now been revealed. Tom told the media during the match against HLE that Faker’s comeback to the LCK stage might not happen for a few more weeks. In a post-game press conference, he stated, “His condition is important, but we aim to have him back in time for the playoffs.” 

Faker will only compete when he is healthy since the organization will not take a chance on a setback with the Worlds in 2023 and the Asian Games right around the corner. But until then, T1 will inevitably keep falling in the standings. Table-toppers KT Rolster defeated T1 on July 29 by a score of 0–2. Since Faker took a sabbatical, T1 has lost seven of its last eight games.

However, there is good news ahead if interim T1 head coach Tom’s comments in the press conference following T1’s loss to KT come to fruition. He asserts that Faker will return before the playoffs are over, possibly as early as next week. That said, Faker still has yet to play many solo queue games. Though he’s been playing some matches in the new Arena mode in his free time, the player still needs to be at 100% if his account history is anything to go off of. It remains to be seen if he can recapture the magic the moment he steps back on stage.

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