ImperialHal’s Concerns for Apex Legends’ Future: Will Season 18 Make or Break the Game?

TSM’s Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen expressed his worries regarding Apex Legends’ future, mainly if Season 18 isn’t outstanding. The number of active players in Apex Legends has decreased across PC and console since the game’s initial surge at the start of Season 17. 

Numerous players have stated their displeasure with the Ranked Play system, the servers’ quality, and the lack of new content. Respawn has tried to alleviate some of these worries, but they haven’t been able to return Ranked to the way some people would want. The number of players has decreased as Season 18 approaches, and ImperialHal is concerned that if another dismal season occurs, the game’s downward trend may worsen. 

If Season 18 is unsuccessful, ImperialHal worries about the future of Apex Legends

The TSM IGL announced a recent live as he made his brief comeback to the battle royale. His macro examination of Apex’s future came about due to his rapid weariness with server problems and broadcast sniping. 

I hope the next season is enjoyable, dude. The TSM star expressed his sincere optimism, saying, “I don’t know whether this game is going to endure another s*itty season, like no cap. Hal noted that he had previously made similar comments, but it was because Apex had a lot of “dogs*it” seasons in the past. Since they are indeed losing thousands of players, undoubtedly, they will have a successful season, he said.

The TSM IGL also said that, despite having a rather lengthy sabbatical, this is the first time he has found it challenging to enjoy the battle royale. “That is how terrible the game has become. Even after not playing the game for three days, I can hardly return to it and play for even eight hours. It’s truly depressing,” he said. Early August is predicted to be the commencement of Season 18, which will include Revenant Reborn, a new legend. But we’ll have to wait and see whether it meets Hal’s expectations.

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