Apex Legends Players Lament the “Absolutely Awful” Season 17 Solo Queue Experience and Express Concerns for Season 18

Apex Legends players are voicing their discontent with the “absolutely terrible” solo queue experience that they experienced during Season 17 of Ranked. Consequently, they are feeling pessimistic about the upcoming season. Many Apex Legends players have complained about the current rank distribution system and other aspects of the game while grinding through Season 17 Ranked mode.

Unfortunately, Apex Legends’ developer Respawn is unwilling to roll back the new Ranked modifications from Season 18, which has some people concerned for the game’s survival. Players are again complaining about Season 17’s “absolutely awful” Ranked experience, criticizing the solo queue experience.

Players of Apex Legends criticize the Season 17 solo queue experience

After a player published a post on the Apex Legends subreddit with the headline “Solo Q brothers and sisters, I feel for y’all this season,” the community started talking about it. The OP said the solo queue grind felt “absolutely awful this season” due to a purported player quality and rank distribution fluctuation.

“In Masters lobbies, I play with teammates who are pure Bronzes or Silvers… At least you have generally competent teammates (sometimes) in Plat and above entrances before this dreadful Ranked shift. They expressed optimism for developments in Season 18 as they concluded their post. Some commenters noted that Respawn doesn’t appear interested in returning Ranked to its pre-Season 17 state, as was previously mentioned.

Many players who spoke about their solo queueing Ranked experience this season said they were generally unimpressed. Yes, it was awful when it [hit] Masters a couple of weeks ago. Why play the game if you’re not going to PLAY the game? ” I couldn’t tell you precisely how frequently, but it felt like my comrades flew to a new area on the map every other game. Respawn has stated that the team is working to solve the ratting issue from Season 17, but they prefer to iterate on fresh features rather than go backward. Hopefully, those improvements will benefit Season 18’s solo queue as well.

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