Valorant Esports: Sentinels Eyeing Erick ‘aspas’ Santos as Potential TenZ Replacement for 2024 Season

Sentinels is one of the most well-known companies in Valorant esports, despite having a subpar debut season in VCT Americas. Aspas is being sought after by the squad as a TenZ replacement, though nothing is finalized just yet. Sentinels established themselves as America’s most potent group after winning Valorant Masters 2021 in Reykjavik. But since then, a lot has changed.

Except for Tyson ‘TenZ’ Ngo, recruits have practically disbanded the whole team. The Sentinels have been unable to duplicate their early-Valorant success. And their legendary roster is now little more than a distant memory. However, they have made a significant effort to field the most excellent Valorant roster possible. One of the top duelist players in the world, Erick ‘aspas’ Santos, is reportedly in their sights, and he may replace TenZ on the team.

In 2024, Aspas might take the place of TenZ on Sentinels

TenZ has earned a reputation as one of the top Valor players in the world. Despite numerous challenges in his personal life and a sickness that temporarily prevented him from playing professionally, he still maintains his reputation as one of the most feared entry fraggers in professional Valorant. He has yet to recapture the magic he possessed during his earlier seasons with the squad, and his performance in Sentinels’ most recent games has been hit-or-miss.

This, along with rumors that Aspas would join Sentinels for the upcoming competitive season in Valorant, could signal TenZ’s departure from Sentinels as the final member of that legendary roster. It makes sense for Aspas to look for a new house in light of the recent tales of LOUD drama. According to Slasher’s report, Asas requested a raise and a contract renewal, which LOUD allegedly rejected. If this is accurate, it strengthens Aspas’s case for switching teams. 

Then, Slasher denied claims that NRG was considering doing the same and asserted that Sentinels were keen to sign the player. I’ve heard that Aspas is undoubtedly interested in a significant contract from Sentinels for the upcoming season and then play casino at Playfino. The NRG report is false, according to Slasher. In addition, he believes that TenZ would leave the Sentinels if aspas joined the squad. It’s not exactly a leap, given that Asas is known for being a duelist player.

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