Overwatch 2’s Team Queue Mode Receives Mixed Reception: Gamers Call for Significant Improvements

The long-awaited Team Queue option in Overwatch 2 has already been dubbed “dead” by gamers, who want Blizzard to improve it significantly. Many fans were happy when Blizzard finally introduced a Team Queue ranked mode in Season 5, allowing players to team up in a five-stack regardless of their SR to battle against one another.

Although this mode was released when the “Looking for Group” function from OW1 was deleted, it was a feature many players had long sought and led to some entertaining games. Fans are pleading with Blizzard to change Team Queue for the next event since only a few people participate.

Players of Overwatch 2 expect significant improvements to Team Queue

One of the first to mention how lifeless Team Queue seemed after more than an hour of waiting for a match was well-known Overwatch video maker KarQ. To locate some games, he proposed, “We need a day where everyone plays it, like Mystery Hero Tuesdays.” Players on Reddit started talking about how nobody they knew was playing the mode in other places, with some reasoning that Team Queue hadn’t done enough to “encourage” others to do so. The ideal method to play this video game would be in the team queue, but more has to be done to make it work. Someone responded with their request, “Tournament system, clans, LFG, etc.

The developers claim that the LFG function “had some social and disruptive behavior problems that we never solved,” which is why it hasn’t been updated. However, many were still hoping it might return for Team Queue. Even if LFG weren’t excellent, now would be the perfect moment to use it. I hope the developers aren’t basing their assessment of the potential appeal of team/tournament modes just on one LTM, said another.

Team Queue’s poor performance might have long-term effects since, according to game director Aaron Keller, its popularity could lead to the addition of an internal tournament system. The loss of LFG had a significant effect on Team Queue, according to many players, and the mode could have been a massive hit if the functionality had survived. While we’ll have to wait and see what Blizzard decides, when Overwatch 2 Invasion launches in August, fans will have a lot to look forward to with the addition of PvE narrative missions.

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