Warzone 2 DMZ Players Outraged Over Impending Progress Reset

The DMZ players of Warzone 2 have expressed their displeasure with the developers after learning that their progress will be deleted at the beginning of the game’s upcoming second season. They have described this decision as “really puzzling.”

Warzone 2 players criticized the “pointless” DMZ missions earlier this year, stating that they were not worth the work it took to complete them. Rewards like illegal weapons can occasionally be found at the end of lengthy missions.

Players also ground DMZ to gain free skins, the M13B assault gun, or to enjoy the new game mode. However, to get themselves ready for the upcoming trials, many players focus their attention on the guaranteed weapon slots (like the infamous Building 21 that comes and goes).

It has been rumored that players who have completed all qualifying challenges will have their slots removed when Season Two launches on February 15. Unlocking these slots requires a significant amount of grinding.

DMZ Players Slam Devs for “Baffling” Reset

As a direct consequence, several players voiced their opposition to the change, expressing confusion as to what the removal is intended to accomplish other than erasing the effort they had put in. “What the f*** is the point in grinding if that’s the case? Or in any of it altogether. One user noted in a Reddit forum that the move was “really perplexing.”

“Informing your player base that they should refrain from playing since their stats will be reset at their whim. Congratulations on successfully destroying people’s faith in your game said another player.

However, many claimed that it was a reasonable choice given that the entire mission system, as well as the advancement flow, was going to be reorganized. One user voiced their opinion, saying, “I would hope that they wouldn’t do resets for minor modifications; however, if they modify the overall structure of the mode like the mission progression, it does make sense.”

Suppose Activision, Raven Software, and Infinity Ward take the critiques from the DMZ beta seriously and address them in a future version of the game. In that case, they could build an extraction shooter that is on par with Escape from Tarkov. However, only time will tell if this is the case.

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