Apex Legends Player Stumbles Upon Unprecedented Encounter: Battling an 8-Man Squad in Trios!

An 8-man squad was encountered by an Apex Legends player participating in a routine round of Trios, leaving him speechless. Apex Legends fans know that only Trios and Duos have specific matchmaking options in the battle royale game. Players can select a “No Fill” team if they wish to enter a match alone, although they must choose Trios or Duos.

While some fans have hypothesized that the hero-shooter BR game would have more extensive party options like Quads. Respawn restricts squad numbers to three at the most. All of that, however, was abandoned after one player played a typical game of trios against an 8-man squad.

A player of Apex Legends collides with an 8-man squad in Trios

The unexpected encounter was mentioned in a posting on the Apex Legends subreddit with the simple headline, “I encountered [an] 8 men squad on a normal game of Trios.” The screenshot of their game featured in the OP shows them watching a Squad with eight players. Interestingly, there were no double-ups because every squad member was a distinct Legend. While the person who submitted the screenshot acknowledged they were “not sure if it’s a bug or a cheat” that they encountered, some gamers speculated that this may have been a previous glitch that returned in Season 17.

One player stated that a bug caused teams of 5 to 15 people to form randomly in the early days of Apex, while another said that this also occurred when Season 7 was released. However, several players had never encountered anything like this glitch before, according to a fan who played the game. I’ve never seen something like that before; holy sh*t, it’s ridiculous, lol. We hope that Season 18 won’t have to cope with this stuff. Fortunately, this bug appears uncommon so it won’t occur frequently in most games. However, players should turn around if they notice many of the same-colored Dive Trails at the start of a battle.

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