Head of Esports Leo Faria Promises Improvements to Valorant Competitive Ecosystem in 2024 Season

Leo Faria, Global Head of Esports for Valorant, has assured supporters that improvements to the competitive ecosystem are on the way. The competitive landscape in Valorant has significantly changed since the game’s first release, especially with the Champions Tour.

The Valorant Champions Tour was the first phase of Riot’s strategy to establish a healthy esports ecosystem, and it was introduced in 2021. Even after that, a lot has changed, most notably with the introduction of the three worldwide franchised leagues and the start of Ascension, which opened the door for amateur teams to compete at the highest levels. But not everyone appreciates Riot’s efforts.

The competition will alter, according to the head of Valorant eSports

Despite Riot’s best efforts, some players feel that more can be done because they think the present ecosystem prevents the top players from competing at the most significant level. Also, Leo Faria, the head of esports at Valorant, has told supporters that improvements are coming to the competitive scene in response to pleas from the community for more significant support of the second level of competition, like Playfino, a new casino in the Philippines. The Head of Esports tweeted on July 29 that several improvements will be made starting with the 2024 competitive season that will provide teams greater chances to participate.

“Val tier 2 is being discussed a lot today. Please know that we know your concerns and have a strategy.”, Faria penned. “One challenge is sustainability. Also, we will make many changes for the upcoming season, including a completely new schedule that will give clubs more chances to compete. “I know that the discussion is motivated by a love for and want to be a part of the VCT ecosystem. We thank you, everybody, for doing it. Watch for a comprehensive update later this month; you’ll be eager to see it! The developer emphasized in a subsequent tweet that the update would arrive at some point in late August, providing additional information.

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