Beware of Fake Pokemon Game Boy Cartridges: Vending Machine Raises Concerns in California Shopping Center

It has been reported that a Pokemon vending machine selling Game Boy Cartridges can be seen in a California shopping center; however, it is still being determined whether the games are genuine. Since its debut in 1999, the first generation of Pokemon GameBoy games has had a meteoric rise in popularity, and virtually every franchise fan wants to get their hands on a copy.

Obtaining a well-preserved version of the original game has become increasingly difficult. Typically, buyers shell out hundreds of dollars for versions that include the box and instruction manual. A broadcaster on Twitch named Serinide recently gained widespread attention after discovering that a vending machine in her local mall was selling Pokemon GameBoy games for merely ten dollars in cash; the question is, are the games authentic?

There was a Pokemon vending machine seen selling fake items

Unfortunately, there is a good chance that the video games contained within the vending machine could be more genuine. The picture Serinide uploaded shows that it is packed to the brim with different versions of Pokemon games, starting with Red and Blue and continuing up to Ruby and Emerald.

The Gen 1 titles, which include Yellow, Red, and Blue, are worth substantially more than the 10 dollars the machine proprietor charges for using the device. According to the Video Games Price Charting, a copy of Pokemon Blue sold without a case costs approximately $48.0. It defies logic for someone to offer video games for sale for a price that is just one-fifth of what they are currently worth, and Serinide and many others who responded to her comments believe that these offers are false. “Are you kidding me? For only ten dollars?” Someone else responded, “You can turn those around for easy profit, so they must be fake.”

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Another user remarked, “Does it start up? ” Even though it is patently evident that it is a pirated recording, the fact that it works is astounding. While many pirated versions of Pokemon games can provide a satisfactory gaming experience, many games suffer from bugs during boss fights and do not allow the player to save their progress. We strongly advise buyers to verify the authenticity of popular Game Boy games before purchasing them. This is not only because they are against the law but also because of this.

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