Warzone 2 Expert Lethal Lachmann-762 Loadout

After the release of the Season 2 update, WhosImmortal has returned with a Warzone 2 Lachmann-762 build that is competitive with the very best weapons in the game.

Throughout the Warzone 2 community, WhosImmortal is recognized as one of the most reliable names. Fans keep coming back for more of his loadout advice and professional insights whenever he has something new to say about the game.

Immortal has found a Lachmann 762 build that is lethal for those who prefer the feel of the battle rifle. Ever since the release of the game, Immortal has been dominating the WZ2 meta weapons and loadouts. While most players still prefer light machine guns like the RPK and the Sakin MG38, Immortal has discovered a lethal build for the Lachmann 762.

Warzone 2 Lachmann-762 loadout used by WhosImmortal

The major drawback of the Lachmann-762 is that it is much more appealing when fired in full-automatic mode. Although people commonly think of combat rifles in Warzone 2 as single-shot weapons, the improved time to kill is worth the increased recoil when firing in automatic mode.

As a result of the nerfing of several of Warzone 2’s top firearms at the beginning of Season 2, the deficiencies of the Lachmann are not as glaring as they previously were. The following is what Immortal considers to be the optimal equipment for players:

  • Optic: Cronen Mini Pro (-1.35, -2.25)
  • Muzzle: Sakin Tread-40 (+0.48, +0.21)
  • Underbarrel: Lockgrip Precision-40 (-0.35, -0.23)
  • Ammunition: 7.62 High Velocity (+0.43, +5.76)
  • Magazine: 30-Round Mag

The primary purpose of each of these attachments, as well as their respective tunings, is to dampen the pronounced bounce that would otherwise be present. Additionally, the developers have tweaked the Cronen Mini Pro to compensate for a certain amount of lost speed. Even though it might require some effort on your part, the power of the combined Sakin Tread-40 and Lockgrip Precision-40 will maintain everything in its proper place; moreover, it will be comfortable after you’ve put in that effort.

Thankfully, the High-Velocity bullets and the 30-Round Magazine make the task that much less unpleasant. If this is the first time a player has used this weapon, they should practice firing it at a practice range before landing on either Al Mazrah or Ashika Island so that they are prepared for the weapon’s unusual recoil.

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