Best Warzone 2 Meta Weapons & Class Loadouts In 2023

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is currently one of the trending online video games among gamers all over the world. With millions of daily active players, the video game offers highly engaging gameplay allowing players to compete in teams against other squads.

In addition, the game offers high graphics and dynamic gameplay that make Warzone 2 one of the most competitive games. To win this game,, meta you must have skills and strategies to outsmart other squads and must communicate with your teammates at all times. However, you must also have good knowledge of the game and the meta loadouts, and the right choice of weapons to take down the enemy squad.

This article will give you insights into the Warzone meta weapons and loadouts.

Warzone 2 Meta Weapons and Loadouts

1. Sakin MG38

The Sakin MG38 is one of the most powerful LMGs currently popular among players. This LMG is a long-range weapon that allows players to take down their opponents easily from mid to long-range. With Sakin MG38 equipped with the right loadouts can help your squad to pick some easy kills and make way toward victory. 

The best loadout attachments for the Sakin MG38 include ZLR Talon 5 to be equipped as the muzzle, 20″ Bruen Silver Series as the barrel, FSS OLE-V laser for better stability, Aim-OP V4 as an optic for better aim and accuracy, and Cronen WL55 as the underbarrel. With this loadout equipped will increase the damage and provide you with stable recoil to takedown long-range opponents. 

2. Lachmann Sub

Up next, the Lachmann Sub can be also categorized into the list of Warzone meta weapons and loadouts. The Lachmann Sub is the strongest SMG that can eliminate an entire squad in close-range combat if you are equipped with the best loadout. 

After the recent updates, the weapon has been nerfed to its maximum potential making it one of the deadliest weapons that offer a good combination of damage, stability, and mobility. 

The following loadout brings the maximum potential of the Lachmann Sub. Equipping this weapon with XRK Sandstorm as the muzzle, VLK LZR 7MW as the laser, LM Stockless MOD in place of stock, Lachmann TCG-10 as the rear grip, and 40-Round Mag as the magazine is the best selection of loadout for this weapon.

3. MCPR-300

Snipers are one of the most used weapons in Warzone 2 as it deals a high amount of damage in a single shot and also allows you to eliminate enemies without revealing your location. The MCPR-300 is currently the best sniper in the game with the highest damage as compared to any other weapon and can take down opponents in a single shot. 

Making a perfect loadout is essential to making the MCPR-300 a one-shot kill weapon and a nightmare for enemy squads. Equipping the muzzle with FTAC Reaper, FSS OLE-V laser for improved accuracy and stability, the FSS Merc Stock for better aim and stability, and lastly the .300 Incendiary for ammunition. The following loadout makes the MCPR-300 the best-in-class weapon in the game.

The Bottom-line

These were a few Warzone meta weapons and loadouts that you can use to easily eliminate your enemies. The use of attachments in your loadout and the right pick for weapons typically depends on the skills and strategies of the player. 

However, using these weapons and loadout will undoubtedly improve your gameplay and make eliminating enemy squads easy. The meta weapons and class loadouts offer an ideal combination of damage, aim, and recoil control, placing these weapons at the top of the list.

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