CS:GO Allegedly Moving to Source 2 with Dota 2 Update Leak

In the middle of a surge of rumors, a new leak allegedly showed additional evidence of CS:GO being moved into Source 2 with a new Dota 2 update. Over the past week, rumors of a Source 2 version of CSGO 2 have increased. When an NVIDIA driver update revealed a “csgo2” executable app, it naturally sparked widespread suspicions about a future sequel or update to the now ten-year-old game.

And then came a story from Richard Lewis claiming that a playable Counter-Strike Beta version of Source 2 existed. Lewis’ sources claim that several professional players have already tested the game at Valve’s offices, and a public build may go live in the coming weeks.

Dota 2 Update Reveals New Evidence of CSGO Switching to Source 2

More details on CSGO being moved into Source 2 have been found in a Dota 2 update from March 6. According to Valve leaker Gabriel Follower, there are numerous allusions to CSGO and its prospective switch to the new engine in the game’s code.

Case keys, spray kits, locations, player models, and even a new operation are all included in this data. Dota 2, the first game created using Valve’s cutting-edge system, employs Source 2 as its engine, making the leak especially convincing. Although this latest leak does not provide conclusive evidence that the Source 2 port for CSGO is close to being released for Beta testing, it does provide proof that a port exists. It might be the most substantial evidence until official confirmation—which might come soon—arrives.

The release date of the beta version is believed to be anytime around the end of March 2023, or at the latest on April 1, 2023, making the timing of the leak extremely intriguing as well. As we already know, the port will not be relaunched as a new game, contrary to what some people may have assumed is the case. Lewis and Gabe Newell claim that Source 2 will only be used to run CSGO.

Dota 2 is the only classic game Valve has translated over to Source 2, although CSGO appears to be next. Nonetheless, there are other initiatives underway that aim to adapt games like Half-Life, Team Fortress 2, and Portal 2 to Source 2.

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