Unveiling the “Demon Queen Moira”: An Unsettling New Skin in Overwatch 2

The gorgeous new skin for the genetic scientist Moira comes with a creepy aspect that keen-eyed Overwatch gamers quickly noticed and pointed out to one another.

It is well known that the Overwatch 2 team pays close attention to even the tiniest of details while designing character skins, maps, and overall character designs. An unsettling element within the legendary Moira skin can be unlocked by purchasing Overwatch 2’s Season 3 battle pass. This element is sure to take many assassins by complete surprise.

Despite having a sinister-sounding moniker, the Demon Queen Moira’s skin makes the character appear rather radiant and lovely when viewed from the front. However, first impressions can be deceiving, as the other side of this famous skin reveals a massive, blood-red demon mask with unnervingly large eyes that bulge out in all directions.

The most disturbing thing about Moira is that her eyes move when she walks and turns, which is guaranteed to terrify any Genji or Reaper planning to launch a sneak attack from behind.

Players of Overwatch 2 reacted negatively to the “unsettling” Moira cosmetic

The game’s player base provided a wide range of responses to the discovery after the tweet that pointed out this particular aspect attracted some attention from the player community. One user commented, “This is going to be my new sleep paralysis monster.” Another voice spoke in and said, “They’re watching and always keeping an eye out. Always. Watching.”

Others, on the other hand, ignore the intricacy entirely and concentrate their attention on how appealing the new cosmetic is. “This skin is sick,” and “I can’t get enough of her so?” “Redownloading brb” is just one of the comments that can be found in the thread full of praise for the effort that the OW2 artistic team has displayed.

The recent news of a crossover between One Punch Man and Overwatch 2, as well as the incentives for completing Season 3 of the game’s battle pass, makes the future of the game’s cosmetics look intriguing.

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