Unveiling of Antarctic Control Map in Overwatch 2 Season 3: An Insight into Mei’s Journey and New Features

Season 3 unveils the new Overwatch 2 Control map as the Antarctic, and for the first time, players can now shoot penguins.

There are many things for gamers to get their teeth into when Overwatch 2 opens, including the sequel’s first King of the map. To retake the goal from their adversaries, players will have to traverse the snow, freezing caverns, and abandoned ships in Antarctic Peninsula, which will debut with Season 3.

Antarctic Peninsula Mythology in OW2

The Overwatch 2 development team finds it fascinating that the Antarctic connects to Mei’s journey, as shown in the animated short “Rise and Shine.” This makes it one of many Overwatch 2 maps linked to specific heroes or lore-based themes.

The Overwatch ice-breaking ship that attempted to save Mei and her coworkers but eventually failed will be one of the many parts of the story that players can witness, according to Jurgens-Fyhrie.

Overwatch New Antarctic Map
Teams in Overwatch will fight in caves, labs, and on a ship.

“There are some cues about what Mei and her crew were looking for. Perhaps there are hidden things. Maybe there’s something on the map you can uncover that will reveal something even more intriguing about the plot to follow,” he joked.

You can assume the map, with its many backstories, will feature in the next PvE campaign later this year, but Dion Rogers remained tight-lipped about it. He grinned and said, “Stay tuned,” referring to Mei’s contribution to the development of the Overwatch canon.

The Antarctic Peninsula’s Three Points

Teams must fight for control over the Antarctic, which will divide into three distinct sections, just like the other KOTH maps.

First, there is an icebreaker ship that Overwatch intends to use to rescue Mei and her comrades before they, too, become stuck. Players can battle through tunnels and an engine room as they advance to the objective.

The second is an underground mine with a sub-level where researchers tried to find new properties. Despite being underground, there is a drill and many verticalities, which could make it difficult for some people to seize the target.

Fans can witness what Mei and her coworkers were up to in the labs in the third location, which focuses on the Ecopoint region of Antarctica. Although this portion is more of a “straightforward” control point with numerous flanking choices, there is an intriguing platform just above it.

Snow angels, fishing, and shootable penguins have all been added to Overwatch 2

Like Ilios has basketball hoops and Busan has a karaoke machine, Antarctic Peninsula has its amusing exchanges that the staff is thrilled about. In what Rogers called a “little fishing minigame,” the ice map will have fishing holes in which players can shoot and fish.

Antarctic Peninsula
On this map, you can find a lot of Easter eggs.

On the other hand, Penguins can take gunfire, but they won’t perish; all they do is evade it like a playful Neo from The Matrix. The developers tried to make it possible to pet the penguins, but they were unable to succeed. Fortunately, there are other things to keep you entertained. Thanks to a newly created shader, players can draw in the thick snow when moving around.

Excuse the pun, but there are many more Easter eggs and entertaining exchanges to find in the coming weeks.

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