LCS Spring 2023: FLY’s Dominance to be Tested in Week 3 Against 100T and EG

Will 100T or EG be able to hand FLY its first split loss because they are the one and only 4-0 team in the LCS Spring 2023? In our LCS Weekly Preview, let’s examine the two games in more detail.

At the start of the 2017 LCS season, FlyQuest is showing dominance. They have not only won every game, but they are also “smurfing” on the opposition. They constantly have an advantage over their rivals and gradually increase their lead in gold and experience from the beginning until the end of the game.

Their pre-15-minute numbers are all good, and their KDAs are absurd: Prince and Winsome are presently in the bot lane with KDAs of 17 and 17.5, respectively. It will be difficult for Evil Geniuses’ bot lane in this match.

Fly Faces Two Strong Opponents In LCS Week 3

EG has displayed some impressive talent; apart from TSM, their two victories came against DIG and GG, and they fell to CLG. Although they appear to be a strong team, they need more resources to defeat FLY. In some ways, EG resembles a less advanced form of FLY.

They have a robust proactive jungle, a top weakside lane, and excellent mid-lane skill in a joint. Both like competing in their respective bottom streets. FLY appears to be better overall, which is unfortunate for EG. It will likely come down to how much EG can resist and whether they can at least match the early game.

Friday, October 10 at 23:00 CET, FLY VS 100T

FLY will have to compete against 100 Thieves, who also had a solid start to their split, after the series versus EG. Except for their loss to C9 in their first game, 100T is presently on a 3-game winning run, defeating TSM, DIG, and IMT.

They resemble EG in several ways: they are more potent than the middle teams, but it is still being determined how they will perform against the elite teams. Their first significant test after the separation will be FLY.

With Closer and Bjergsen constantly circling that map area, 100T is playing for their bot lane, just like most teams in the current meta. Playing aggressively in the early game is something 100T has been doing better than a team like EG since they can play the fights better and snowball faster mechanically.

This will be crucial in the contest with FLY. Both teams feature influential, mechanical players, so 100T will need to be on point with that if they want to stand a chance of defeating FLY. The draft will take place as usual, and we’ll see if Bjergsen tries to break out his Zilean once more to play a protect-the-carry comp with Doublelift serving as the damage provider.

Compared to the series versus EG, the FLY and 100T series ought to be tighter. FLY should have a stricter time punishing 100T on a mechanical level, and the game’s tempo should slightly slow down. FLY is unstoppable, and it doesn’t appear they will mess up.

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