The Arrival of Dehya in Genshin Impact: Players Dreading the Worst Case Scenario

Players of Genshin Impact are dreading the worst-case scenario now that they have a chance to pluck Dehya after losing the 50/50 chance of getting the highlighted 5-star from the Wish Banner. On April 12, the 5-star user of the Pyro Claymore, Dehya, will become a character that may be selected on the regular banner of the mobile game. As a result, players risk losing their 50/50s to Dehya, who is widely considered one of the weakest 5-star options available across the expansive roster of Genshin Impact.

After her release in early March 2023 for Version 3.5, users of Genshin Impact instantly demanded that HoYoverse improve Dehya’s unimpressive kit in order to make her more playable. Because of this, during Dehya’s Character Trial, they decided to give her some buffs. Therefore, it is easy to comprehend why Travelers would want to stay as far away from her as they possibly can.

Players for Genshin Impact are adamantly opposed to having Dehya

MixRepresentative183, a user on the Genshin Impact subreddit, stated that they were already emotionally prepared to lose their 50/50 to Dehya while pulling for a second Nilou or Nahida constellation. This declaration was made on the Genshin Impact subreddit. MixRepresentative183, on the other hand, chose to look on the bright side of the situation and considered the possibility of exploiting the defeat to guarantee Arataki Itto constellations.

On the other hand, a few players have voiced their dissatisfaction with the increased number of characters available for the basic banner. “I simply want a Mona. It’s been two and a half years,” wrote nooneatallnope.

“At this situation, I honestly believe that Mona is a big hysteria, meaning that everyone thinks she exists, but in reality, she does not. “Man, that’s the only thing I can think to explain it,” ShadowFlarer replied. Although there are fans of Genshin Impact who wish they would never see Dehya’s splash art, there are also people that wouldn’t mind seeing another constellation featuring the Pyro character. 3pyramider stated, “Ideally, I would prefer to lose all of my 50/50s to Dehya.” “C2 is where mine is, and C3, C4, and C6 are all excellent choices.”

“I’d rather lose to her or Tighnari than to any of the others,” Otofon stated afterward. Reruns of Nahida and Nilou are included in the Genshin Impact Version 3.6 release, which also includes the addition of Dehya to the standard banner. Following that, two new Dendro characters, Baizhu and Kaveh, will become accessible as a 5-star and a 4-star, respectively, in the game.

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