Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker sets goal to return to top-tier Valorant competition with Disguised Toast squad

After joining the Challengers league squad of content creator Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang, valiant star Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker revealed his own goal. The former OpTic and Cloud9 player has been introduced as the newest addition to Disguised. Disguised Toast, an OfflineTV member, put together the squad, now playing in the NA Challengers league, the second tier of North American Valorant.

From a competitive perspective, the change represents a setback for yes, who ended 2022 at the top of the Valorant food chain. He signed a lucrative contract with franchise partner Cloud9 following a solid campaign that concluded in a second-place finish with OpTic at Valorant Champions. He was recognized as the year’s best esports athlete at The Game Awards.

However, his stint with Cloud9 turned out to be brief. He only participated in two events with the team—Red Bull Home Ground #3 and VCT LOCK//IN—before they changed their minds, ostensibly over role difficulties. Days later, Cloud9 decided to part ways with Anthony “Vanity” Malaspina, the team’s in-game leader and brought in Jake “jakee” Anderson and Dylan “runi” Cade to replace the vacancies.

Disguised Yay sets the goal

Yay acknowledged that his stint with Disguised might be a “short-term thing” because he has his sights set on playing tier-one Valorant once more before cutting his stream short of practicing with his new teammates. Also, in the end, he declared, “I do want to compete at the highest level.” But, boys, we’ll see. We’ll see. I’ll return to that point. It’s what I enjoy doing. I adore performing there.

Finally, with Disguised, yay has a route to the VCT Americas league. To be eligible for the Ascension Tournament, which features six teams from throughout the Americas and offers promotion to the franchise league, they must place top two in the Challengers League playoffs.

Even though his Disguised spell may only last a short while, he pledged to put out his “max effort every single” day. I’d like to franchise the Disguised organization. Wouldn’t that be really sick, though? If we could make it through.

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