Baizhu in Genshin Impact: Release Date, Skills, and Weapon

It has been widely reported that Genshin Impact will release Baizhu. The Liyue pharmacist already plays a significant role in the game’s narrative, but here is what we currently know about Baizhu. Baizhu is a wild card regarding the roster of forthcoming characters for Genshin Impact. Due to his status as an NPC, he has floated in and out of the game files.

The excitement around his release is more significant than ever, thanks to his unique vision and much-anticipated launch. Several data mining also indicate that. As a result, our convenient release portal contains all the information you need if you want to save your Primogems for the impending Baizhu banner or want to learn more about him.

Does Genshin Impact have a release date for Baizhu?

There has yet to be an exact release date for Baizhu in Genshin Impact, although some rumors exist. HoYoverse recently made several revelations concerning the proprietor of Bubu Pharmacy. This would indicate that Baizhu will soon be available for play in Genshin Impact.

Although there is yet to be any information about Baizhu arriving simultaneously, watch out for Baizhu’s probable appearance as a playable Genshin Impact character when updating 3.5 approaches.

What are the skills that Baizhu possessed in Genshin Impact?

Players are confident that Baizhu will be one of Genshin Impact’s first Dendro characters, even if his kit still needs to be determined. While from Liyue is an NPC at Bubu Pharmaceutical that uses a Dendro vision. Since that Dendro is supposed to be a plant-based element, it also makes sense in the context of his story as a pharmacist with an excellent understanding of herbal medicine.

What weapon does Baizhu use in Genshin Impact?

Although Baizhu’s weapon is still unknown, players believe that if he joins the cast of Genshin Impact as a playable character, he will use a magical weapon as a catalyst because, according to his backstory, he, too, has numerous health issues.

Unfortunately, everything has yet to be leaked or data mined, just like his skills. Although his model as a playable character already exists in the game, the specifics are still a mystery.

Story of Baizhu in Genshin Impact

Because of his involvement in the Genshin Impact tale, we know quite a bit about Baizhu. He is well-recognized for using his herbal medication to cure various illnesses and is the proprietor of a well-known pharmacy in Liyue. He is also deeply fascinated by eternal life. Because Qiqi’s zombie-like trait prevented her from aging, he brought her in. In Chinese, Changsheng, his white snake, also denotes long life.

When the release of Baizhu’s Genshin Impact draws near, we will update this article with additional leaks and information. Please visit our Genshin Impact page in the meantime.

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