Shotzzy’s “baffling” New Water Movement Trick in Modern Warfare 2

There is a chance that Anthony “Shotzzy” Cuevas-Castro recently told someone about a “baffling” new way to move in Modern Warfare 2.

Shotzzy a former CDL Most Valuable Player and Call of Duty World Champion. It has identified a new way to disrupt the movement in Modern Warfare 2. The exciting SMG player is a living highlight reel, consistently testing the boundaries between what is allowed and achievable. The player for OpTic Texas in Call of Duty Vanguard could leap about the maps like a frog. Discover hidden locations that no other player had access to.

In addition, there were a lot of changes to how players moved in Modern Warfare 2 compared to the first game. He kept playing the same way, which was very aggressive. This time, Shottzy is up to his old tricks. He has found a way out of the water that doesn’t involve mantling.

On Zarqwa Hydroelectric, Shotzzy demonstrates a new swimming mechanic

On January 24, Shottzy put some of his best videos on his channel. He can be seen jumping out of the water like a dolphin and then taking out an entire team like it’s nothing.

On Hydroelectric, players can avoid having to mantle by diving into the deepest part of the water, swimming back up, and then jumping onto a ledge. You can do this more than once. It takes a lot of practice to perfect the ability. Also, it only works well in certain “sweet spots.” But being able to do so could be the difference between winning and losing in a shootout.

Members of the community were taken aback by this move, as expected. “The fact that you can jump out of the water without mantling one thousand times perplexes me,” said one of the people who commented. Another supporter chimed up with, “greatest mobility in the game.”

Keep an eye on the minimap the next time you watch a OpTic Texas match on Hydroelectric. Just watch Shotzzy sail across the map. A word of caution to those players who might be interested in attempting to replicate this incredible feat: it is not as simple as the CDL prodigy makes it look.

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