“Shoot the Ship” Playlist Teased for a Possible Return in Modern Warfare 2

The famous “Shoot the Ship” playlist from Modern Warfare 2019 may come back in Modern Warfare 2 Season 2, according to a teaser that Infinity Ward released.

The first release of Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer brought back both Shoot House and Shipment. Each of these fan-favorite multiplayer maps attracts a lot of attention for the same reason. Both Shoot House and Shipment deliver action-packed gameplay that is perfect for earning camos. At the beginning of Season 1 Reloaded, the developers included a 24/7 Shipment playlist. Players in the community voiced their disapproval of the decision to delete the playlist at the beginning of January.

Infinity Ward took the criticism to heart and reinstated the Shipment playlist after hearing it. Members of the community envisioned an ideal scenario in which they could participate in Shipment and Shoothouse at the same time. Modern Warfare 2019 included Shoot the Ship to address this issue. The playlist runs nonstop and switches back and forth between the two settings.

Following a great deal of conjecture, the developers have now dropped a hint about the possible continuation of the playlist.

A Tease From Infinity Ward The Shoot the Ship Poll May Be Seen in MW2

On January 24, Infinity Ward posted a poll using the face with eyes emoji on their Twitter account. Currently at the time of writing, there have been over 164,000 voters. Shoot the Ship received 48% of the vote, Shipment received 41.4% of the vote, and Shoothouse received only 10.6%.

The person responsible for the content of Call of Duty, Zachdubs, responded, “If you don’t vote to shoot the ship, you shouldn’t be allowed to play Call of Duty.”

Not many community members were completely behind Shoot the Ship, especially considering what FaZe Jev had to say about it: “Shoot the Ship is always 90% Shoothouse, 10% Shipment.” Please modify the percentage of the chance that Shipment will be the selection. PrestigeisKey also commented, “We already faced this same problem in MW2019. Therefore I’m ready to move on and try something fresh in Multiplayer.”

The survey reveals a clear interest in the playlist making a comeback. But despite the fact that certain content creators have expressed their disagreement. If the cherished playlist gets included in Modern Warfare 2 at some time in the future, we will publish an update.

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