Shotzzy Denies H3CZ’s Alleged Decision to Bring Dashy Back to OpTic Texas

After a tumultuous departure, Dashy came back to OpTic Texas, but contradicting claims make it impossible to determine whose decision it was.

On January 17, Seth “Scump” Abner announced his retirement in the middle of the Modern Warfare 2 season. His departure made room for Dashy to come back into the picture. Huke had previously taken over for Dashy as the starting tank for OpTic Texas before of the CDL Major 2 qualifiers.

During an episode of an OpTic podcast, Scump made the suggestion that Dashy has kicked off the team because of incidents that occurred outside of the game. Dashy responded on Twitch, calling out his teammates for making excuses during the difficult Vanguard season, and he blasted Rambo for his coaching tactics, including skipping scrims to go bowling. Dashy’s comments came after Rambo had reprimanded Dashy’s squad for making excuses.

OpTic Texas pulled the gun and brought back the dominant AR player when Scump retired, despite the fact that bringing Dashy back appeared to be a difficult assignment with tensions being as high as they were. Reports that contradict one another present two opposing accounts of who agreed with the decision.

Team Supports Dashy’s Return, says Shotzzy

In the first video, the Creative Director of OpTic Gaming, Hitch, made the assertion that H3CZ was the one who made the ultimate decision to bring Dashy back into the fold.

According to reports, H3CZ made the following statement: “I don’t care who’s happy or who’s not, Bruce is coming back. Hitch continued by saying, “That is the very first time that I have ever witnessed Hector talk in such a manner. He said something to the effect of, “Enough of the players making decisions; Bruce is coming back, and that’s that.”

During a live stream on Twitch, Shottzy gave his response, saying, “everyone had a say. It’s not like he was coerced into joining our squad. We have had conversations, and everyone is doing well. There is no tension and there is no beef.”

OpTic Texas is scheduled to return to competition this coming Friday, January 20, when they take on Seattle Surge. In this match, Seattle’s Amer “Pred” Zulbeari competes against the team that he very nearly joined after Major 1, and we get our first look at the new roster for OpTic Gaming. The match is replete with compelling narratives like these.

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