Pro City: The Elite Valorant Server for High-Level Players Created by Tarik

Tarik “tarik” Celik, a Sentinels streamer and content creator, has created Pro City, a Valorant server for 10-man matches. Here is all the information you need to know about this elite lobby for gamers in North America.

Fans of Valorant may have noticed a change in gameplay from the live streams of their favorite pros over the past few days. These players have gathered on an exclusive hub called Pro City, where they will be paired up against each other in custom games rather than waiting in line for rated matches.

As professionals and other high-level players look for better practice choices than the Valorant ranked server, which can be crowded with players who have goals other than to raise their rank, the server’s popularity has exploded.

Tarik Valorant Pro

Why Was Pro City Created?

After matches on the ranked ladder began to be populated with players who wager on the results of games and attempt to influence outcomes for their gain, Tarik established Pro City as an alternative to Valorant ranked game play for pros and other higher level players.

Some players had grown weary of the ranking environment due to the lack of communication and lackluster effort on the part of anonymous accounts to win games. Since everyone on the server needs to be invited, members of Pro City can hold other members accountable for their in-game behavior.

Who Competes in Pro City?

High-level players that have either played professionally or have climbed to the top of the ranked ladder make up Pro City.

Players must be invited, and discussions about who should be asked and who shouldn’t have already begun to emerge. According to some players, Pro City should be divided into two distinct tiers, with the top tier being made up exclusively of players from the best VCT Americas teams, Game Changers, and Challengers, Also players who have competed at the highest level in the region even if they are currently free agents.

However, Tarik has ruled out that option, claiming that Pro City also gives unknown players the chance to advance by facing off against the greatest. Players are currently invited to Pro City through the Pro City council.

The Pro City council is made up of who?

Currently, the Pro City council remains unnamed. The Valorant server’s seven-person panel is in charge of managing player additions and deletions. The organization comprises seasoned professionals who remain nameless to the public and one another out of respect for their privacy.

How do I view Pro City matches?

Keep an eye on Twitch’s Valorant section to learn when you may watch one of the Pro City games streamed daily. Usually, Tarik uses Twitch to broadcast his gaming. At the time of publication, the Pro City server was active and populated with gamers vying to go up its rated ladder.

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