OpTic Texas Makes Surprise Roster Move with Huke Signing

OpTic fans were stunned for a time after learning that Dashy would not be starting for OpTic Texas. Following this information, there was a flurry of rumors, accusations, and presumed leaks, with each insider claiming to know where Dashy would go and who would be replacing him. Pred appeared to be the front-runner for the OpTic position, but Texas decided against that possibility and chose to sign Huke, luring him away from the Los Angeles Guerrillas.

Inside OpTic Texas, there has been some simmering animosity for a while. For those in the know, Dashy’s removal from the team should not have come as a surprise considering his obvious unwillingness to practice with the team when necessary and preference to spend excessive amounts of time playing VALORANT. There were rumors that Arcitys might take the position; nevertheless, Huke ultimately won it. Pred briefly held the office until Huke seized it.

Xeo Reunited

Huke is now a member of OpTic Texas’ starting lineup, making XEO a complete reunion. The XEO trio of iLLeY, Shotzzy, and Huke proved to be crucial to Dallas Empire’s success during the 2020 Call of Duty League season, when the club stormed to victory. The trio, a world championship-winning unit, will now be together for Major II, but it has taken a while to get there. Will the three athletes be able to repeat what they did in 2020?

For many supporters, Seattle Surge’s Pred would have been the ideal replacement for Dashy. Pred made his League debut last year, tearing through the competition and dominating everyone in his path, earning honors for his accomplishments, collecting a Major chip. He’s the first player in League history to represent Oceania and is quickly establishing himself as a talent of the highest caliber.

Reportedly, in Pred’s own words:

‘Let’s just say everything that was possible to make it happen was attempted… It was attempted to the highest level. It just wasn’t possible. Done everything we could, it just wasn’t possible.’

He was discussing the buyout, which OpTic Texas allegedly offered Seattle Surge in an unbelievable amount in exchange for the young talent. Pred will continue to play for Seattle Surge moving ahead because the agreement didn’t work out. It’s not a bad thing, either, as Pred has shown to be a game-changing force under Surge’s leadership, combining with Mack, Sib, and Accuracy to already lay the groundwork for a tremendous season.

The Major II Qualifying Stage begins on January 13; when it does, we’ll be able to see how Huke and his OpTic Texas teammates are doing along.

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