Prowler SMG Gets a Boost in Upcoming Apex Legends Spellbound Collection Event

The Prowler SMG is an often overlooked weapon in Apex Legends, despite its ability to melt enemy health bars. With the upcoming Spellbound Collection Event, Respawn has decided to buff the Prowler’s damage output, increasing it from 14 to 15. This may seem minor at first glance, but when you consider that the Prowler fires in bursts of five bullets, it results in each trigger pull now dealing 75 damage instead of 70. This change has many fans of the Prowler excited, with some claiming it will turn the gun into a “monster” in the game.

The R-301, R99, and Flatline appear to be the most well-liked gun options in Apex Legends among most players. Since they are all fully automatic, they are a little more forgiving if you manage to miss a few shots. They all produce deadly damage output. The Prowler, an SMG that fires in bursts and dissolves enemy health bars but demands pinpoint precision, is one weapon that is frequently disregarded.

Fans of the Prowler believe it will become a “monster” as a result of Respawn’s decision to increase its damage in the Spellbound Collection Event in order to encourage players to use it more.

Apex Prowler SMG

Update to Apex Legends’ Spellbound Includes a Prowler Boost

With the arrival of the Spellbound Collection Event on January 10, the Prowler will get a boost. The SMG will now do 15 damage instead of 14 damage. Although it may appear insignificant at first look, because the Prowler fires in bursts of five bullets, each trigger pull now deals 75 damage as opposed to 70 damage.

This implies that anyone wearing red EVO armor may now be taken out with three body blasts, as demonstrated by Apex YouTuber Bobz. This is important since it increases the Prowler’s late-game viability and rewards players who fully master the weapon’s recoil pattern.

Many Prowler supporters claim in the comments that this will turn the SMG into a “monster” and that the weapon didn’t need to be improved. The gun was already “extremely underestimated,” in their opinion, and this modification will just make it “even more absurd.”

The Prowler buff has fans of the weapon excited, but it remains to be seen whether this change will make the SMG more prominent in the ALGS. While it does make the gun more viable in the late game, the Prowler SMG still requires to pinpoint accuracy to use effectively.

However, the buff will reward players who are willing to master its recoil pattern and the buff could turn the Prowler into a more viable weapon for players to use in Apex Legends. Only time will tell if the Prowler becomes a more popular weapon in the game.

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