Apex Legends Player Uncovers Secret R99 Reload Animation

Another hidden reload animation has been found in Apex Legends, this time for the enduringly popular R99 submachine rifle.

Players of Apex Legends are still finding easter eggs and hidden material, even after the game launched way back in 2019. Respawn includes these things to increase immersion. While the third person firing range easter egg is still playable in-game, we recently discovered a Titanfall 2 easter egg hiding in plain sight.

However, this specific easter egg belongs more in the area of hidden animations. When Apex Legends first launched in 2019, players discovered that the G7 Scout has a hidden reload motion. The R99 SMG has since made the same discovery.

Player Discovers the R99’s Hidden Reload Animation

The R99’s hidden animation, which was brought to attention on Reddit by “Jemaniema,” was set off when the player moved close to the lava lakes dividing Fragment West and Fragment East on World’s Edge.

Their character replaced the empty magazine in the R99 with a full magazine while they reloaded by dumping the empty magazine into the lava.

Since the release of Apex, the animation has mainly gone unnoticed despite being quite fantastic.

The secret animation initially perplexed the OP, but after doing some more investigation, they believe it is a R99 unique.

“I tested it and it happens when you reload a R99 in this location,” they claimed. It worked with a Volt when I tried it, so I don’t know if it would work with any other weapons. However, it occasionally works with a R99. I’m not sure how it’s not common.

Some people did claim it was a reload fault, but given that the OP was able to duplicate it later, it appears more likely to be a hidden animation.

Apex Legends fans continue to discover hidden secrets in the game, with the latest being a secret reload animation for the R99 submachine gun. Triggered when reloading near the lava pools on World’s Edge, the animation sees the player’s character toss the used magazine into the lava before replacing it with a full one. It’s unclear if other weapons have similar secret

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