Building a New Apex Legends Team in ALGS: Pro Player’s Perspective

Zachmazer, a former Cloud9 player and Apex Legends pro, stated that it has been “difficult to build a new squad” because the ALGS hasn’t been in the best of circumstances lately.

The player base for Apex Legends on PC and consoles is significantly larger than its Twitch audience. Even while some members of the high-level community criticize the status of the game right now, it’s still performing well on practically every statistic.

The Apex Legends professional circuit, meanwhile, has recently been struggling. It has been difficult for some of the professional players who have been left without a team to participate on as a result of a few prominent orgs quitting the game after failing to qualify for the forthcoming ALGS LAN. Zachmazer has been attempting to put a squad together, but he hasn’t been able to locate a group of players that can mesh well and have a shot of succeeding.

Zachmazer Says it’s “difficult to establish” an Apex Legends Team

There is a ton of talent in free agency who has been struggling to find new teams because so many major organizations abandoned their Apex Legends squads all at once in December.

Finding a team that can work well together and has each player fulfill their job has proven to be a difficult task. Zach has had no luck assembling a roster that works well together. The Apex Legends pro claims that the possibilities are highly constrained aside from signing up for a Challenger Circuit team.

Teams in ALGS frequently diversify the responsibilities that they have on the squad to accommodate newcomers. Without a caller, a large team of fraggers won’t get you very far. A balanced squad has been difficult for Zachmazer to assemble for the ALGS proper, despite the fact that he has frequently served as the IGL (in-game leader) for the teams he has been on.

When attempting to assemble a coherent team, he thinks there are “so many good fragger players,” but not “enough IGLs and supports to fuel it.”

He’d have to play through it again rather than merely staying in the ALGS to look for new talent in the Challenger’s League. Following Cloud9’s exit from the league, an Apex Legends pro is caught in an impossible situation with no way out unless he wants to play all the way through the Challenger Circuit or try to assemble a squad from the players who are still available.

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