Uncovering the 2023 Celebration Easter Egg from Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 players have come across a fun Easter Egg left in by the developers to celebrate the start of the new year. By purchasing the New Year’s bundle, players can eliminate an enemy near a wall or from above to see a blood splatter that reads either ’23’ or ‘Happy New Year’. This small addition to the game has been praised by players for its subtle and creative way of celebrating the new year. 

Call of Duty has dabbled with the cosmetics industry over the years with character skins and firearms, but with the emergence of Call of Duty, Warzone 2 and more recent games, it has found a new lease on life. Players can now spend their money on everything from calling cards to weapon skins and gun stickers.

The most popular way to acquire these is through in-game bundle purchases, which occasionally include extras like tracer bullets and sprays on top of what you initially wanted. There are several new bulges in the store now that the calendar has turned to the new year, one of which marks the entrance of 2023. The participants are quite impressed by that because it has a secret of its own.

MW2 Rare Easter Egg 2023 Celebration Secret

That’s right, if you recently browsed the in-game market and came across the 2023 package, you might want to claim it as your own and save it in your inventory.

Why? The bundle, however, really has a hidden splatter that appears if you kill an adversary close to a wall or from above, as Redditor TNT Jonathan was able to point out.

When you kill an enemy next to a wall, you’ll see a bloodstain that reads “23,” which quietly celebrates the new year. However, you might also see one with the words “Happy New Year” that is a little more overt.

According to the Redditor’s tests, the ’23 spatter is the more frequent one, but the Happy New Year splatter isn’t exactly difficult to obtain.

Number 23

Other bundles have had similar splatters in the past, making it likely that we will continue to see this kind of Easter Egg in the future. The developers of Modern Warfare 2 have added a fun and unique Easter Egg to celebrate the start of the new year, and it’s a great way to add a bit of extra enjoyment to the game.

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