Niantic Apologizes for Regidrago Elite Raid Issues and Offers Extension for Players

Niantic has apologized to Pokemon Go players who have been negatively impacted by the numerous problems occurring with Regidrago’s Elite Raids. Elite Raids in Pokemon Go have not been met with the most positive reaction from the player base due to issues that ruin the game and the game’s frustratingly high level of difficulty.

As a result, trainers have already begun to prepare themselves for the approaching Elite Raid featuring Regidrago. However, and to the dismay of many fans, the event was beset by bizarre problems until it was scheduled to begin. Now, Niantic has issued an apology for the challenges players encountered when the event first began and provided a one-day extension to players who could not join the raid because of the issues.

Niantic had issued an apology when problems occurred with the Regidrago Elite Raids

On March 10, 2023, the Twitter account for Niantic Support apologized and stated, “We have rectified an issue that was prohibiting Trainers from participating in Elite Raids.” We are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused. Therefore we have decided to add an extra day of Elite Raids on March 12 at the local time for Trainers in the GMT +13 timezone.

Only players in the timezone stated above will receive the time extension as of the time this article was written. This is although players in other timezones have also encountered some unusual issues with these Elite Raids. In the days leading up to the release of Regidrago, the PokeMiners Twitter account has kept track of a number of issues that were associated with the event.

According to the people who leaked information on Pokemon Go, the most peculiar issue with the event is that it still needs to be finished before it is released to the public. “Since they never finished building the Regidrago before it went online, it had problems with its circle and model.

PokeMiners also pointed out that Niantic appeared to update Hoopa’s assets rather than Regidrago’s an hour before the event went live. In addition, there were some unusual musical glitches that happened during Primal Raids, as well as a brief period during which Elite Raids were entirely inaccessible for join, followed shortly thereafter by their complete despawning.

Trainers have taken to social media to discuss their experiences with the Regidrago Elite Raids, and a large number of them have indicated that they, too, encountered a significant number of the issues detailed by PokeMiners. How or if Niantic would pay additional affected players remains to be seen; only time will tell.

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