Pokemon Go’s Regidrago Elite Raid event plagued by widespread crashing and player frustration

Players of Pokemon Go have expressed their annoyance following the launch of Regidrago’s Elite Raid event, which was met by widespread crashing across a variety of areas. Pokemon Go players have discussed why the most recent Regidrago Elite Raids have been a challenging experience for everyone involved.

Over the entirety of the event, players turned to various social media platforms to air their grievances regarding the plethora of difficulties they encountered while attempting to take part in raids. To make matters even worse for the spectators, the mobile game was completely unavailable immediately before the start time of the event at 11:00 AM, which left many of them feeling upset.

Crashing is the first step in Regidrago Elite Raids in Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Go community raced to social media posts that provided evidence of the game crashing just before the Elite Raid event began and shared their own experiences with the same issue. A message with the heading “Game crashed and won’t open right at 11…” was posted on the Pokemon Go subreddit and garnered over 1,200 upvotes and about 250 comments, most of which stated that the author had encountered a problem similar to the one described.

It is interesting to note that the degree of the crashes varied from player to player. For example, one user remarked, “I can go into the game and click on Pokémon, but it crashes when I try to enter a raid.” Others mentioned that they saw a notification that read “Down for maintenance” as soon as the event started.

This was most likely because Niantic continued to update the Regidrago event with vital data even after the Elite Raids had already begun, as conveyed by the Twitter account for PokeMiners. As a result of the time-sensitive nature of the event, the routines of a significant number of trainers were thrown completely off, and some were unable to finish any of the raids.

One of the spectators offered this commentary: “This is what I get for really moving the kids around and driving to a gym for this.” They made an update to their post, stating, “Ended up going in, beating him with three people with seconds left.” I was able to get him into a ball, but then I got an error screen that said, “Pokémon can’t be found” or something similar. By the end, they were compelled to give up the raid.

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