Upcoming Modifications for Mercy in Overwatch 2 Season 4

Alec Dawson, the lead hero designer for Overwatch 2, has provided some information regarding how the development team intends to modify Mercy’s equipment in the next Season 4 and beyond. Mercy saw several changes throughout Overwatch 2, so she stays in the spotlight for a short time. The Overwatch 2 players became perplexed when she changed her balance at the start of Season 3.

Alec Dawson, the head designer for Overwatch 2, claims that Mercy will have more modifications in Season 4 and that, despite significant changes, she still needs to be where they would like her to be. During a live stream Q&A session, BroYouWack and ChristalRaine interviewed Dawson. Since many people in the community are not satisfied with Mercy’s current balance, Christal questioned Alec about it. Alec said that the balancing team has some modifications in mind.

Mercy is getting modifications from the Overwatch 2 team

Calling Mercy one of the most contentious heroes in Overwatch’s lengthy and illustrious history over the past seven years is not an understatement. In Overwatch 1, the reworking of her ultimate was a hotly controversial modification, and discussions about her balance persisted until Overwatch 2. It is difficult to tell if the Overwatch 2 development team’s plans for Mercy’s modifications are straightforward tweaks, boosts, nerfs, or a mix of all three.

“Yes, we are considering Mercy, and yes, we are considering making some adjustments. Maybe in Season 4,” remarked Dawson. We’re examining the healing and the 50% benefit to targets with low health and how, despite doing something I believe is positive for Mercy, it is potent. The community is divided over this revelation; some gamers believe Mercy should be returned to her previous status before the most recent alterations.

I’m sick of fighting heal bots that are 67/90 heals per second, one user wrote following Overwatch Cavalry’s tweet on the incident. “Revert Mercy to her 55 heals self and merely nerf blue beam damage amp from 30% to 20%,” the user added.

Some contend that she is now in a healthy position and requires no alterations. Another gamer agrees, saying, “As a Mercy central, I genuinely like her new modifications. My only request is that her GA cooldown is lowered. Although it is unknown when these modifications will be implemented on the live server, Alex did hint that they might do it as soon as the start of Season 4, which is scheduled for April.

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