Destiny 2’s Root of Nightmares Raid Too Easy for Community: High Clear Rates and Boss Kills

With several contests, mode clears, faultless runs, and even boss speed kills, the community has destroyed Destiny 2’s newest raid for Lightfall. The best end-game PvE content in Destiny 2 is unquestionably the raids. They provide players with breathtaking sights and challenging encounters for some of the best game loot. Raids are typically severe, though, and need a fire team of up to 6 people to complete them successfully.

In the most recent raid, Root of Nightmares, part of the Lightfall expansion, players battled the recently revived Nezarec. The raid takes place inside one of the pyramid ships and requires players to navigate four encounters. These encounters can range from timed races to full-fledged boss fights where all Guardians must work together to defeat them.

However, the Root of Nightmares might not have been as terrifying for the player base as first believed. The community found Lightfall’s first raid incredibly simple to finish, with a vast number of raiders being able to breeze through the raid, even on the more challenging contest level.

Nightmares’ foundation was destroyed at an absurdly high apparent rate

According to a Reddit user, the clearance rate for the Root of Nightmare raid was almost ten times higher than that of other raids. This could be a sign that The Root of Nightmares needed to be more complex for the majority of players. High-end raiders, who cleared the raid and went above and above, further demonstrated this ease. High-level raiders were able to complete the raid successfully while in contest mode, which means they did it all while the more incredible difficulty setting was activated without dying once.

This is a tremendous challenge because even a tiny error during a raid could result in a team wipe. Adding contest mode makes the enemies more challenging and weakens the Guardians, making the situation even more complicated. The top raiders, however, appear to have had little trouble defeating The Root of Nightmares, proving the decreased difficulty. Destiny 2 players disabled the raid’s contest mode and defeated Nezarec, the final boss, in under 20 seconds.

Players could one-phase Nezarec, cause him anger, and ultimately kill him by using particular load-outs. Nezarec is one of the more straightforward raid bosses to defeat in Destiny 2 due to his comparatively low health compared to the other raid bosses.

Given that Bungie hasn’t adjusted any of their previous raids, it’s unlikely that they’ll do so with the Root of Nightmares. But, given how simple the raid was, it might be in the cards.

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