New Features Coming to Pokemon Go: Shadow Raids & Avatar Customization

Enhanced Avatar Customization and Shadow Raids are on the way to Pokemon Go, according to a data mining analysis of the game. On March 13, data mining showed the potential existence of a new gameplay mechanic called Shadow Raids. Pokemon Go players may be able to acquire strong Shadow Pokemon through shadow raids, which are presently only available as prizes for defeating Team Go Rocket.

The data miners have now revealed additional information regarding the system and asserted the existence of new Avatar Customization choices, such as the ability to change hairstyles independently of the existing headwear category. In addition, Pokemon Contests will return in the future version of the game, giving Pokemon sizes more gameplay significance by influencing your Contest outcomes.

Pokemon Go data miners dissect Shadow Raids

Significant upgrades around Shadow Raids, Shadow Gems, and Routes underwent a devastating update. Contests are back and more fleshed out, Neutral Avatar with body customization, and more, the data mine account summarizes in a tweet from PokeMiners. The official PokeMiners website released their “In-Depth APK Teardown” on April 8, which includes more information about the possible new features coming to Pokemon Go in a future version.

They discovered that during the Shadow Raids, players would fight “Raid Mascots,” who are essentially just different Team Go Rocket members like the grunts, leaders, and Giovanni himself. The Shadow Raids will feature a new “stat modifier” or potentially a buff dubbed “Shadow Enrage,” but the miners are unsure precisely what it is; they just know it’s transitory for the raid and maybe some buff item. Additionally, two new item names, “Shadow Gem” and “Shadow Gem Fragment,” that are believed to be connected to the Shadow Raids were discovered in the game’s code, although their functions are yet unknown.

Last but not least, PokeMiners learned that the video game would eventually have a new clothing system. The player avatar is going to undergo a lot of alterations. They have this new “Neutral” avatar system, which suggests that they have replicated the existing avatar system.

They continued by listing several shape names discovered in the files as well as details like “Size, Musculature, Bust, Hips, Shoulders,” all of which suggested further options for customizing your player avatar. These features may not be included in the finished release because Niantic has yet to verify them officially, or the devs may be working on a massive update to the game.

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