Pokemon Go’s upcoming Shadow Raids: exciting addition or cash grab?

A data mine for Pokemon Go has revealed information about an updated format for the Shadow Encounters that players can take part in. On the other hand, there might be a pay-to-play component.

Shadow Pokemon are now awarded to players of Pokemon Go as rewards for completing battles against Team Go Rocket. After you take out Grunts, more common Pokemon will show up, but if you take out Boss Giovanni, you can capture a Legendary Pokemon.

Shadow Pokemon are distinct from other types of Pokemon because their Shadow status grants them a significant boost to their attack power. While this is going on, purifying these rescued Pokemon Go friends can result in a considerable increase in both their combat power and their statistics. These Pokemon are great allies for engaging in player-against-player combat in the Go Battle League or for taking on other challenging Raids.

A recent data mine suggests that a new Raid structure will use the shadow concept in some capacity. If this is indeed the case, then a new system for getting Shadow Pokemon could be around the way.

There is a possibility that Pokemon Go will incorporate Shadow Raids

The data mine account reveals an exciting breakdown of assets in the new 265 updates in a post made by PokeMiners and published on Twitter. The following text can be found in the post: “Our real-time is currently started. To start things off, there are all new Shadow Raids. There are five levels, and a new raid ticket has been introduced to accommodate the recently added Shadow Raids. These Shadow Raids award you additional experience points, and you can teleport between them.

The announcement is terrific, enabling another means to fight raids; however, the news around new Pokemon Go Raid Tickets is not as great. Gamers are considering the benefits and drawbacks of this development, with one writing, “More money for Niantic,” and another adding, “My only fear with this is that you will need to buy different passes to do them…”

Several people are concerned about the new raids’ ability to function correctly because there have been a lot of problems with recent events, such as connectivity troubles during the Go Tour: Hoenn and the new Elite Raid events in March. There is no formal confirmation that Shadow Raids will be included in Pokemon Go; however, additional details will likely become available in the following weeks.

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