Trainers Want Toggle for Team Go Rocket Grunts in Pokemon Go’s Rising Heroes Season

Several users want a helpful feature added because Team Rocket Grunt shows up more frequently in Pokemon Go’s Rising Heroes season. Back in 2019, Team Go Rocket was first launched in Pokemon Go, and its criminal organization’s goal was to take over PokeStop locations all over the world.

Since its release, Giovanni and Rocket Leaders, Rocket Grunts, and other characters have frequently appeared in Team Go Rocket events. Nevertheless, as it has been revealed that Team Go Rocket grunts will arrive at PokeStops more frequently during Pokemon Go’s Rising Heroes season, several players seek a way to reduce how often they do so.

Fans of Pokemon Go desire significant Team Go Rocket changes

Anger was expressed about the Rising Heroes update that increased the frequency of Rocket Grunt appearances in a post on the Pokemon Go subreddit. “For some, it’s a bonus,” stated the post’s title. Some find it incredibly irritating,” she added, accompanied by a picture of a modified Toggle function for Rocket Grunt appearances.

Other trainers concurred and outlined their own unique pet peeves with Rocket Grunts. “I’d have it off, please. They obstruct the movement of wild spawns. That stop takes too long to spin to obtain the things and complete the study objective.

Yes, I live in a rural region, and one of my few nearby PokeStops is blocked RN. 4000 CP Lapras is too much for my less than 2000 team, which is why Rocket Grunts can be highly bothersome to players from rural areas.

Of course, other trainers were of the opinion that Rocket Grunts were more beneficial than not. “Why do you find them annoying? Do they need a more reliable supply of dust? Another person concurred and clarified that Rocket Grunts are indeed an essential aspect of Pokemon Go, but they needed to be made aware of how to farm Stardust. I consider Rocket PokeStops to be a gift. Even if shadow pokemon aren’t as good, I discover at least 25 of them daily, translating to 18,750 battles per day.

Despite players’ opposing views, a Toggle for a feature like this would be a terrific solution if done right. The Toggle may be turned on or off at will, so those who prefer frequent Team Go Rocket encounters might leave it on. Pokemon Go gamers tired of Rocket Grunts will likely have to put up with it during Rising Heroes because it appears unlikely that Niantic would include a feature like this.

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