League of Legends Reveals Two Champions Scheduled for Art and Sustainability Updates in 2023

Riot has announced that two further League of Legends heroes will receive revised looks in 2023 as part of the ongoing art and sustainability changes. These updates are intended to make the champions more sustainable.

It has recently become standard practice in League of Legends to “mini-rework” champions that are beginning to show their age, such as the most recent changes made to Aurelion Sol. This practice is an example of the new trend that has emerged. An Art and Champion Model Update can be applied to champions in good working order from a gameplay perspective but still requires some modernization in terms of their appearance by using an ASU. This update can be applied to champions in good working order from the perspective of an ASU.

Caitlyn and Ahri are two of the most recent champions to receive an ASU; however, they will not be the only ones to do so because two others are still in the development stage. Caitlyn and Ahri are the most recent champions to obtain an ASU.

Two different champions in League of Legends are scheduled to receive graphical upgrades

Following the tremendous success of Caitlyn and Ahri, Riot devs Brightmoon and Meddler announced in a video that was published on February 16 that two other champions will be receiving ASUs. And in a departure from previous ASUs, both of these champions will receive their respective updates simultaneously. The developers have stated that in the not-too-distant future, around the year 2023, both Lee Sin, the Blind Monk, and Teemo, the Quick Scout, will receive makeovers to modernize their appearances.

The developers have also addressed several other issues that players have complained about. These issues include the adjustments made to ARAM earlier this year, the complicated lore of Runeterra, the forthcoming new game modes, and a change to the pricing of champions.

Because of these two ASUs, the release timeline for champions will be significantly delayed as a direct and immediate effect of both of these updates. This is because certain personnel had to be withdrawn from the teams working on new champions to assist with the upgrades and the introduction of new game modes. This was necessary to ensure the smooth introduction of the new game modes.

Because of this, in the year 2024, fewer new champions will likely be crowned than the number of winners that players are accustomed to witnessing. On the other side, this will open the door for additional enhancements for older champions who need some TLC. This will make it possible for further improvements to be applied.

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