Aurelion Sol Rework: A Tale of Two Bugs – One Overpowered, One Useless

Finally, Aurelion Sol’s long-awaited redesign has reached live servers. Still, it also includes several game-breaking issues, one of which makes him overpowering, and the other renders one of his abilities completely useless.

Aurelion Sol has always been a particularly specialized champion in League of Legends. He was condemned to relative obscurity because of how unusual and challenging his kit was to use after getting nerfed into the ground for how rapidly he could push out mid-waves and rotate. For years, Aurelion Sol’s League of Legends play rate was among the lowest.

He undoubtedly had his advantages, but Riot’s designers chose to overhaul him rather than attempt to balance his existing skills. Old Aurelion Sol mains and new mid-laners alike are eager to play him thanks to the champion’s positive reception from the community. Still, he has a few severe issues that have come to light as the winner has been introduced to live servers.

His launch in patch 13.3 had two brand-new bugs, even though he had some on the PBE, many of which appeared to have been fixed before he went live. Both of these bugs make his W useless for the game, with one sealing the fate of anybody he hits with DoT damage. Even death cannot solve the problem.

In the rework, LoL players find issues that break the Aurelion Sol.

The resident bug-hunter of LoL, Vandiril, has a genuine talent for spotting issues early on. He has contributed to discovering some of the most significant flaws in the game’s history. He has highlighted situations where the game’s bugs have interfered with professional play.

But one of Aurelion Sol’s issues was so evident and bothersome that he started getting viewer reports of A Sol’s DoT continuing until a player died. The aptly dubbed “Inescapable Fate” DoT effect on his E was compared to a pandemic in the comments section.

The only item in Aurelion Sol’s arsenal that has a damage-over-time effect is his E. Even when players are outside the E’s radius, they are still forever marked with the damage they sustained by standing in it.

The A Sol player in the second clip in the video above just so happened to buy Rylai’s Crystal Scepter. The players impacted by that item and the lasting damage were also forever slowed. The other issue that has been found thus far goes in a different direction by permanently blocking his W, whereas this one is on the side of being game-breakingly awesome.

Aurelion Sol’s W typically directs him toward the closest point to fly to that retains his destination on Summoner’s Rift while attempting to cross into a region of the map that would send you careening off the map.

Fortunately, this bug only affects a small portion of the map’s locations. There aren’t many players trying to kill themselves right off the map, but fights and around the nooks in the top and bottom lane could trigger this bug for a player trying to make a fast escape from a bad situation.

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