Overwatch 2 players want Call of Duty’s Demotion Protection and SR Forgiveness in Competitive Mode

The new “Demotion Protection” and SR features introduced in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 are elements that players of Overwatch 2 are anxious to see adopted in the game’s competitive mode.

The ranked play system for Modern Warfare 2 has been formally unveiled. It has several significant additions designed to protect players from suffering a loss of SR and being demoted to a lower tier, mainly due to people quitting the game.

Gamers playing their first three games in a new division will only lose SR if they have Demotion Protection, making it more difficult for players to fall down the rankings and be demoted. Players of OW2 enjoy the feature of Call of Duty, known as Skill Rating Forgiveness, since it prevents team members who are not in the player’s party from losing SR if they quit or disconnect from the match while it is in progress.

Players of Overwatch 2 who are curious about the CoD ranked disconnect feature

Redditors were asked what they thought about the ranking features in MW2 in a post, and many responded that they would work well in Overwatch. One person remarked, “Thought that was a great addition considering my experience in new ranks has been pure destruction till I’m relegated back.” I wanted to know if it would work for OW because everyone seems unhappy with the rank system.

Even though some players were uncertain about how Demotion Protection may impact their games, SR Forgiveness was very popular among those players. If a team member quits during an Overwatch match and your team loses, the amount of SR you lose is equivalent to what it would have been if a 5v5 game had been played instead.

“Don’t care about this, but the other protection they added is something I do care about… A user observed that no loss of rank occurs if a companion quits during a match. Another individual commented, “For ranked play, the only change that needs to be made is that players should not be penalized if a teammate quits while a match is in progress. Even in Guild Wars 2, players do not lose ranking points if they leave a game in the middle of it.

There are a lot of changes that the Blizzard developers have planned for the ranked play mode, so there is always a possibility that some of these will wind up being implemented. Yet, whether they will carry out the plan is still being determined.

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