Breaking the Meta: Caitlyn’s Surprise Appearance as Support in the LCK

We observed the debut of Caitlyn’s support within a week in League of Legends, despite the LCK’s reputation for diverse champion selections.

Against Kwangdong Freecs in Game 2 of the series , T1’s Ryu “Keria” Min-seok chose Caitlyn as his support. The main goal of this bot lane duo, made up of Gumayusi’s Varus and Zeri and Yuumi, was to take advantage of the weak early game that KDF’s bot lane had.

With a double-ranged bot lane and sound wave clearing, T1 could do whatever they needed during the planning phase and control the minion wave however they wanted. Caitlyn was a great pick to start a snowball in the bot lane because both champions had great early-game poke and T1’s jungle, Oner, helped them out. In less than 15 minutes, T1 could take two bot lane turrets and make a vast 2.4k gold lead.

Even though Caitlyn could have been more helpful in the late game, especially against mobile champions like Akali and Renekton, Gumayusi and T1 had a big enough lead to finish the game against KDF in 25 minutes and win 2-0.

Will We See Caitlyn In an Unconventional Role Again?

We’ve already talked about how strong Caitlyn is and why she was chosen as support. The current meta heavily favors playing around dragons over the Rift Herald or the top side of the map, so LCK teams put a lot of weight on lane priority in bot.

So, it’s likely that we’ll see her in certain places again. Like Jhin or Heimerdinger, Caitlyn’s job is to push the bot lane and use her poke to stop enemies from farming and leveling up. We should see her again as long as the bot lane stays the same. It won’t often be, but there will be times when she is a good choice.

Still, the new patch 13.1b (13.2) could change the meta for the bot lane, so we will have to wait a bit little longer to see if Caitlyn’s support will become a good choice. But now, she can only be thought of as a very situational choice.

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