League of Legends Hotfix Adjustments to Annie and Aurelion Sol

A hotfix nerf was applied to the recently improved Annie and Aurelion Sol less than two days after LoL patch 13.3 went live. The complete list of modifications to both champions is available here.

With his play rate debuting higher than it has been since the champion was first launched, Aurelion Sol’s rework has proven to be a success thus far. Additionally, despite just being launched, he has a very high win rate, indicating that players are enjoying success with his equipment.

However, a champion with a pick rate of 22% and a victory rate of 53% is too powerful. And Annie, who averages nearly 56% in two distinct positions, is the only champion who outperforms him in terms of winning rates. Therefore, these champions were nearly quickly hotfixed to assist in reducing their absurdly high victory rates after receiving buffs.

Insanely high win rates were reduced by Aurelion Sol and Annie hotfixes

Before Annie reached the Rift on LoL patch 13.3, her modifications were described as “nerfs” in the patch notes. However, she then went on to destroy in both support and mid-lane. You can read our article about it here to learn more about what made her so resilient on that first day.

About Aurelion Sol, his redesign completely altered his toolkit. Players are still discovering what makes him powerful. His play rate is among the highest in the game, and despite a few game-breaking issues that were released simultaneously with his launch, he is solid at all levels of play. Aurelion Sol’s adjustments reduced some of his numbers in half while both champions were given buffs. Following up on the adjustments, a Riot developer wrote on Twitter to clarify why these nerfs are so significant.

Due to their intricacy, League of Legends’ most recent champions has a poor win rate at first. As players overcame their steep learning curves, advocates like Zeri and K’Sante, who would later develop into nightmare champions at elite levels of play, began with victory percentages that tended to hover around the 40% mark.

Due to the way players frequently pass that skill curve and have a greater understanding of new champions throughout the days after their release, Riot Yelough referred to A Sol’s victory rate as “spooky.” As a result, depending on how his win rate changes as a result of these nerf, Aurelion Sol might receive certain benefits. Here is a list of every update made to both champions. This hotfix is now available.


Base Stats

  • Level-specific armor: 5.2 >>> Element 4.7

Molten Shield

  • Shield AP scaling: 55% >>> 40% 
  • Mana cost: 40 >>> 60–80

Aurelion Sol

Base Stats

  • Health per level: 106 >>> 100

Breath of Light

  • The ratio of AP bursts: 50% > 40%


  • Scaling for AP: 40% >>> 25%
  • Stardust builds up within from dying troops. Singularity:
  • Epic Monster Score: 10 
  • Monster Size: 5 >>> 3 

Falling Star

  • Shockwave slow for The Skies Descend (amplified R): 75% >>> 50%

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